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Scandinavian design for the bathroom favors simplicity, functionality and refined aesthetics, transforming everyday accessories into decorative elements in their own right [read more]

Hay Bathroom

Ferm Living Bathroom

Ferm Living

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Audo Copenhagen

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Skagerak by Fritz Hansen Bathroom

Fritz Hansen

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Normann Copenhagen

Scandinavian design for the bathroom favors simplicity, functionality and refined aesthetics, transforming everyday accessories into decorative elements in their own right.

The use of natural materials, calming colors and patterns inspired by nature are characteristic of this approach.

Here is an overview of Scandinavian design products for the bathroom, offered by iconic brands such as Artek, Marimekko, Ferm Living, Skagerak for Fritz Hansen, Audo Copenhagen, Skandinavisk, Hay and Iittala.


Artek offers toiletry bags designed by brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. These pencil cases use the "Rivi" (line in Finnish) pattern, a simple but expressive design that embodies the minimalist approach to Scandinavian design. Made from durable fabric, they are perfect for organizing bathroom accessories in style.


Marimekko is renowned for its bold patterns and bright colors, which can be found on a wide range of bathroom textiles, including towels, bathrobes and bath mats. Marimekko's iconic designs, like the "Unikko" (poppy), add a touch of joy and color to the bathroom.

Ferm Living

Ferm Living offers a selection of bathroom accessories that combine modern aesthetics and natural materials. Their bath mats, in organic cotton or jute, provide comfort and style, while their minimalist trash cans and towel racks transform functional necessities into designer objects.

Skagerak pour Fritz Hansen 

Skagerak, now owned by Fritz Hansen, offers wooden drying racks that combine functionality and Nordic design. Made from durable wood, these drying racks are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, providing a stylish towel drying solution for the bathroom.

Audo Copenhagen

Audo Copenhagen offers bathroom products, from shower squeegees to towel bars, that stand out for their minimalist design and exceptional quality. Although less known for its specific bathroom accessories, the brand embodies Scandinavian elegance that can translate into simple and luxurious accessories, like soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and storage bins.


Skandinavisk specializes in home fragrances and body care inspired by nature and the Scandinavian seasons. Their scented soaps, hand creams and lotions bring a touch of Nordic freshness to the skincare routine, with scents that evoke Scandinavian forests, fjords and gardens.


Hay offers a variety of bathroom accessories, which are characterized by bright colors and functional designs. Their modern approach transforms ordinary bathroom items into designer statement pieces.


Although Iittala is primarily known for its tableware and glassware, the brand's aesthetic can be embodied in bathroom accessories through specific collaborations or collections. The clean, timeless designs would be perfectly at home in a minimalist and elegant bathroom.

Each brand brings its own interpretation of Scandinavian design, offering products that not only meet the functional needs of the bathroom but are also designed to beautify the space. Common to these brands is their commitment to quality, sustainability and an aesthetic that celebrates simplicity and natural beauty.