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David Trubridge
New Zealand lighting

David Trubridge is a New-Zealand designer whose the favorite material is the wood and his intellectual world, the nature respect. However, even if he geographically far of it, it's funny to see the similarity between his work and that one of Finnish designers, who are living in a wide, strong and sparsely populated nature.

David Trubridge has been internationally known as the Italian design furniture editor obtained rights of his wood sunrocker Body Raft in 2001. 

After the creation of his house edition DTL, he developed in 2004 the Coral pendant which will become a model for his upcoming creations. Coral pendant is provided in disassembled kit and made with wood from New Zealand forest – that is managed in a responsible way – in order to reduce the environmental impact due to the shipping. DTL support particularly environmental labels like Life Cycle Assessments (LCA's) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

David Trubridge's work is considered as an emblematic figure of the “raw sophistication” movement and eco-responsible design. He has been published in a lot of newspapers. In 2008, Express magazine placed David Trubridge in the 15 most world influent designers. In 2012, the Pompidou Center integrated his Icarus pendant in its permanent collections. 

Navicula pendant David Trubridge
Navicula pendant David Trubridge

Navicula pendant
David Trubridge