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Scandinavian design accessories for the home are renowned for their ability to combine functionality and aesthetics, following the principles of simplicity, minimalism and connection with nature. 

This approach to design emphasises quality materials, clean shapes and harmonious colours, creating living spaces that are welcoming and soothing. 

Here's a brief overview of these accessories by category, illustrating the richness and diversity of Scandinavian design for the home.


Scandinavian mirrors, often featuring simple shapes and frames in natural wood or sleek metal, serve to visually enlarge the space while adding a touch of brightness and elegance.

Cushions and Throws

These accessories add comfort and texture to any living space. Patterns range from the bold Marimekko to the elegant simplicity of Normann Copenhagen, offering a wide range of styles to complement any interior.

Candle holders and candles

Scandinavian design transforms these utilitarian objects into decorative elements. From minimalist candleholders in metal or ceramic to scented candles that evoke Nordic forests, they create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Home Textiles

Whether it's bed, bathroom or table linen, Scandinavian textiles stand out for their quality and design. Natural materials such as linen and organic cotton are favoured for their comfort and durability.

Kitchen accessories

From functional kitchen utensils to elegant crockery sets, Scandinavian kitchen accessories combine beauty and practicality, with brands like Iittala and Hay offering timeless designs.

Carpets and fabrics

Scandinavian rugs, often made from durable wool or synthetic materials, feature geometric patterns or solid colours. Fabrics, meanwhile, are used for curtains, tablecloths or slipcovers, adding texture and colour to the space.

Crockery and vases

Scandinavian tableware and vases, known for their clean lines and organic shapes, are works of art in themselves. Brands such as Kähler and Menu showcase pieces that perfectly balance aesthetics and functionality.

Wall shelves and clocks

Minimalist wall shelves offer elegant storage solutions, while Scandinavian clocks are appreciated for their simple design and precision. They add a modern touch while remaining functional.

Pots and watering cans

Even the gardening accessories follow the principles of Scandinavian design, with pots and watering cans that combine form and function in clean, modern designs.

Design objects and reindeer skins

Design objects, such as sculptures and decorative pieces, and reindeer skins add a touch of authenticity and Nordic warmth, reflecting the deep connection between Scandinavian design and nature.

Coat racks and coat hooks

These accessories combine aesthetics and practicality, offering storage solutions that blend harmoniously into the hallway or bedroom.

Storage and Office Accessories

Scandinavian design offers elegant storage solutions that help maintain order and clarity in the workspace, with desk accessories that encourage productivity in an aesthetically pleasing setting.

In short, Scandinavian design accessories for the home embody an approach where beauty, simplicity and functionality meet. Each piece is designed to enhance the quality of life while respecting the values of sustainability and harmony with the environment. 

Whether through everyday objects or decorative pieces, Scandinavian design invites you to create living spaces that reflect Nordic serenity and elegance.