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Marimekko Fashion


Marimekko Fashion

Marimekko clothes could be defined by a joyful sense of patterns, graphics and colors, highlighted by the simplicity and elegance of the cuts, where the confort is always an important element in the eye of the designers. 

The essence of Marimekko – the dress for every woman in Finnish – is the confortable yet elegant cotton dress, with pockets, for the every day wear.

"I don't really sell clothes, I sell a way of living. They are designs, not fashions. I sell an idea rather than dresses."  

Armi Ratia, founder of Marimekko, 1963

The year 2024 marks the 60th anniversary of Unikko, one of the most recognized Marimekko print designs in the world. Unikko was created by Maija Isola for Marimekko in 1964 and has since become an international icon of print design.

Spring-Summer 2024

Marimekko Clothing
Marimekko Clothing

Pre-Spring 2024

"Marimekko is not about trendy fashion.
We make timeless and lasting products,
which are by chance, often very fashionable. "
Armi Ratia, founder of Marimekko, 1978

Scandinavia Design is world-renowned for its in-depth knowledge of the Marimekko universe, and its loyal customers can be found all over the world, from the USA to Asia. 

Buying Marimekko products on the Scandinavia Design site guarantees you permanent access to the entire Marimekko range, whether it's the ongoing collection or the seasonal collections, which are sometimes available for a very short time and which we make available to you before anyone else thanks to our privileged relationship with the Finnish brand. 

Our site makes a point of highlighting every detail of every Marimekko product, including dimensions, materials, care instructions, the stories behind the patterns, giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Buying Marimekko products from Scandinavia Design is a great way to bring authentic Finnish design and joie de vivre into your home, while supporting responsible and sustainable consumption practices.

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