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Scandinavian design household linen is renowned for its clean lines, functionality and commitment to quality and comfort [read more]. 

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Ferm Living

Scandinavian design bed linen is renowned for its clean aesthetic, functionality and commitment to quality and comfort. 

Marimekko, Hay, Iittala, &Tradition, and Ferm Living offer bed linen collections that embody the principles of Nordic design while adding a unique touch of style to the bedroom. 

Here's an overview of what these brands have to offer:


Marimekko, famous for its bold patterns and bright colours, brings a distinctive energy and joie de vivre to its bed linen collections. Marimekko's iconic designs, such as the Unikko floral pattern, transform the bed into a work of art, bringing a bold and artistic touch to the bedroom. Made from high quality materials, often organic cotton, Marimekko bed linen sets are designed for comfort and durability.


Hay is renowned for its modern and innovative approach to Scandinavian design, which is reflected in its bed linen collections. With a colour palette ranging from subtle tones to more vibrant hues, and patterns ranging from minimalist to geometric, Hay bed linen is perfect for those seeking a contemporary and comfortable aesthetic. Their commitment to quality is evident in the use of soft, breathable fabrics, ideal for a good night's sleep.


Although Iittala is best known for its glass and ceramic objects, its design philosophy extends to textiles through collaborations with other brands. Iittala x Marimekko, for example, can present bed linen collections that combine Iittala's natural, minimalist aesthetic with Marimekko's bold patterns, creating unique pieces for the bedroom.


&Tradition apply their respect for Scandinavian design heritage to home textiles, with an emphasis on simplicity, quality and natural materials. Although their main focus is on furniture and lighting, any partnership or brand extension into bed linen would likely follow these principles, offering clean, timeless designs that complement any modern interior.

Ferm Living

Ferm Living creates bed linen collections that celebrate the connection with nature through organic patterns and a colour palette inspired by the natural environment. Their bed linen combines Scandinavian aesthetics and functionality, with a focus on durability and comfort. Made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, Ferm Living bed linen sets are designed to enhance well-being while adding an elegant touch to the bedroom.

These brands exemplify the Scandinavian approach to design, where beauty lies in simplicity, authenticity and functionality. Bed linen from Marimekko, Hay, Iittala, &Tradition, and Ferm Living offers not only exceptional sleeping comfort but also an opportunity to make a style statement in the most personal of living spaces - the bedroom. 

By choosing from these collections, you can transform your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary that reflects the principles of Nordic design: balance, harmony and a deep connection with nature.