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Danish Gubi is one of the most important publishers of contemporary Scandinavian design, founded by Lisbeth and Olsen Gubi in 1967, with an important Francophile dimension. Today managed by Jacob, son of Lisbeth and Olsen, Gubi has for several years launched prestigious re-editions, revisiting classics of Scandinavian, French and
international design.

Scandinavia Design is one of the world's leading specialists in Scandinavian design, recognized for its in-depth knowledge of the products, brands and designers who have made and are still making the history of
Scandinavian design.

Scandinavia Design is the ideal place to discover Gubi thanks to its website which is as complete as possible and its two showrooms – one located in the countryside, near the banks of the Loire, in a splendid 15th century priory, the other located in a purely urban setting, in the heart of Angers, in a beautiful private mansion a stone's throw from the
train station.

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