Démon Shelf

design Mathieu Matégot

Mathieu Matégot reached its creative peak in the 1950s, with major pieces like his famous Nagasaki chair. The Matégot Démon shelving collection belongs to this very productive period.

Mathieu Matégot loved metalworking and he usually used it as a dominant architectural element. Like with Biblio-Demon, visually dominated by his powerful black vertical metal shelf brackets, which are the signature of the collection.

Vertical shelf brackets black metal.

Shelves oak, walnut or black stained ash.

Number of shelves the Biblio-Demon is available with 1, 3, 4 or 5 shelves.

Size Shelves width: 95cm, 155cm and 215cm.  Shelves depth:  25cm.  Shelves height: 2,5cm. Total depth (shelf + bracket) 27cm. 

H46 cm - 1 shelf (3 widths available)

Oak – 1 shelf
from 299 €

Walnut – 1 shelf
from 349 €

black stained ash – 1 shelf
from 299 €

H106 cm - 3 shelves (3 widths available)

Oak – 3 shelves

from 699 €

Walnut – 3 shelves
from 799 €

Black stained ash – 3 shelves
from 699 €

H141 cm - 4 shelves (3 widths available)

Oak – 4 shelves
from 899 €

Walnut – 4 shelves
from 999 €

Black satined ash – 4 shelves
from 899 €

H156 cm - 5 shelves (3 widths available)

Oak – 5 shelves
from 1199 €

Walnut – 5 shelves

from 1299 €

Black stained ash – 5 shelves
from 1199 €

Mathieu Matégot

Mathieu Matégot (1910 - 2001) is one of the most famous French designers of the 50s.

He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Budapest. He then visited Italy then the United States and decided to settle in France.

In 1933, he began designing furniture with the use of rattan and metal. However, as the war was raging he decided to enroll and was later taken prisoner. After the Liberation, he devoted himself to creating objects in transparent metal and opened his own studio in Paris and Casablanca.

He showed his work in 1952 at the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs. He rapidly became a global success. He particularly influenced the world of design with his avant-garde approach to forms and materials.