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This page devoted to designer coffee tables brings together small occasional tables, which can be placed next to an armchair or at the end of a sofa, near a bed, along a wall or in a hallway, and larger coffee tables, which are designed to occupy the center of the living room so that people can gather around them. 

We've classified them by shape - rounded shapes facilitate circulation by avoiding sharp angles; square and rectangular shapes maximize the surface area - and by material: on one side wooden tops, on the other tops made of glass, marble, laminate and so on.

Finally, one page features trolleys, small tables with wheels and several tops, ideal for serving tea or aperitifs, or for storing books and newspapers.

Nordic design boasts many iconic coffee tables that have marked the history of design, the work of such great designers as Poul Kjærholm, Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner and others. There's a wide variety of materials - from wood to steel, glass and metal - and a wide variety of shapes, from nesting tables to trolleys, flower shapes, rectangles, squares and more.