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Lounge Chair, Sofa, Ottoman

design Pierre Paulin, 1975

The first sketches by Pierre Paulin evoked clouds. One of them became the Pacha Lounge Chair, designed for Mobilier International (a former French company) in 1975. An evolution of its Blublub collection for Artifort, it was the result of long research into the notion of modern comfort.

After having reissued it in 2018, Gubi expanded the collection by adding the Pacha Lounge Chair with armrests, the Pacha Sofa from two to five seater and an Ottoman - constituting a modular system allowing an infinite number of compositions - exactly as Paulin originally planned.

The Pacha collection marked its time by embodying a relaxed approach that contrasted with the austerity of post-war design. Its generously curved shapes exploit modern techniques of moulded plywood and foam padding; well proportioned, they offer excellent comfort.

The collection is available in a wide range of upholstery and the base is available in pearl gold and matt black. The lounge chair is available with an optional swivel base.

Seat height 35 cm

Base Pearl Gold or black

free samples
(against deposit)
95 €

Pacha Lounge Chair without armrest

Dimensions W77 x D85 x H65 cm Base fixed or swivel with automatic return

Fabric Harp 24 (price group 3)

Fixed Base
2225 €

Fabric Harp 24 (price group 3)

Swivel Base
2509 €

Fabric Karakorum 001 (price group 5)

Fixed Base
2507 €

Fabric Karakorum 001 (price group 5)

Swivel Base
2695 €

Fabric Harp 102
(price group 3)
from 2225 €

Fabric Vidar 333
(price group 4)
from 2449 €

Fabric Pierre Fray Ting
(price group 6)
from 2995 €

Pacha without armrest
from 1919 €

Pacha Lounge Chair with Armrests

Dimensions W100 x D85 x H65 cm Base fixed or swivel with automatic return

Please note that armrests cannot be removed.

Fabric Velvet (price group 3)

Pacha with Armrests
from 2195 €

Pacha Ottoman 

Dimensions 70 x 72 x H37 cm Base fixed or swivel 

Pacha Ottoman
from 1189 €

Pacha Sofa System

Please note that only middle armrests are removable. External (right or left end) armrests cannot be removed.

module with right armrest
from 1995 €

module without armrest
from 1995 €

module with left armrest
from 1995 €

middle armrest
from 295 €

Pierre Paulin

Legendary French furniture designer Pierre Paulin (1927-2009) bestrode the 1960’s and 70’s with his recognizable and innovative style that instantly revolutionized everyday furniture. He studied at the École Camondo design school in Paris, where his teacher urged him to join Marcel Gascoin’s workshop. There Paulin took in Scandinavian aesthetics and gained great insight in the role that design could play in society.


Through the 1950’s Pierre Paulin moved on to design furniture on his own and he began to experiment with stretchy, extensible fabrics that could be drawn across a chair’s armature. He started successful collaborations with Thonet France and Artifort, where the latter resulted in several iconic pieces such as the Mushroom, Ribbon and Tongue chairs, all of which have become sought-after design classics.


A joyful modernist, Paulin’s low-slung pieces provided a new laid-back perspective on life and his forward-looking, eclectic and sculptural approach to furniture design instantly caught the mood of the swinging 60’s. The hedonistic, sinuous style of Paulin’s design also attracted the patronage of presidents Georges Pompidou and François Mitterrand, who asked him to redecorate parts of the Elysée Palace in the 1970’s and 80’s.


Widely recognized, Pierre Paulin’s innovative designs can today be found in contemporary art and design collections around the world, from the Museum of Modern Art, New York to the Victoria and Albert Museum, London along with the National Centre for Art and Culture Georges Pompidou in Paris.