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Randaccio mirror

design Gio Ponti, 1925

The Randaccio mirror is an iconic part of Gio Ponti's work. He designed it in 1925 for his own house via Randaccio in Milan, which was his first major architectural work. 

The Randaccio mirror was decorating the walls of the main bedroom on the third floor, among other furnitures specially designed by Gio Ponti. This mirror impresses with its simplicity and is brightened by arabesques on his top, discreet and ironic evocation of a crown that is found in various works of Gio Ponti. Available in three diameters, the mirror brings his touch to any interior style, be it a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, an entrance or a walkin closet.

Dimensions Ø42cm, Ø60cm, Ø70cm

Material vintage brass

Ø42 cm

Vintage brass
699 €

Ø60 cm

Vintage brass
899 €

Ø70 cm

Vintage brass
999 €

Gio Ponti

Italian designer, architect and editor, Gio Ponti (1891-1979) is one of the most influential design visionaries of the 20th century. Ponti designed a wide array of furniture and products through his career - from cabinets, lamps and chairs to ceramics and glassware - and his buildings, including Pirelli tower in Milan, and Denver Art Museum, were erected in 14 countries.

Through Domus, the design magazine he founded in 1928, Ponti promoted a new curiosity and open-mindedness towards new design thinking.