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String Furniture

design Nils Strinning, 1949

It may seem strange that something as humble as the String System Shelves will be imposed as a design classic, but some things so perfectly reflect their times that they become timeless. Initially, a competition launched by the great Swedish publisher Bonnier in 1949: if the Swedes wanted to buy books, they needed a practical, inexpensive and easy to assemble bookshelf system. Nisse Strinning had a flash of genius and, of course, won the first prize.

 String shelves are successful for over sixty years with their blend of modularity, simplicity and lightness aesthetics.

String System, modular shelves

String System is a modular shelving system that consists of various basic elements - shelves, side panels, cabinets, table, desk, etc. - that can be combined according to individual needs and characteristics of each space.

Its lightness and adaptability have made it a classic Swedish design, wich success continues for many years. You can use it in your kitchen, your living room, your office, your bathroom, your library, your work place, or even your garden thanks to the outdoor version.

All elements are based on standard widths of 60cm and 80cm – and two standard depths, 20cm and 30cm. 

You can choose a ready-made configuration or create your own by selecting the differents elements. Our simulator will help you to imagine the perfect one. 


1) side panels

The side panels come in the form of metal ladders. They are available in a wall-mounted version and in a floor-standing version. Several sizes and colors are available. They are sold in packs of 1 or 2. 

Side Panels
from 55 €

Side Panels
from 55 €

Side Panels
from 53 €

Side Panels
from 53 €

Side Panels
from 55 €

Side Panels
from 68 €

2)  shelves, cabinet, chests, tables, etc.

The side panels allow you to hang all kinds of items, from the single shelf to the sideboard with drawers, table, desk, magazine rack, etc. You will find them below arranged by color. There are 2 widths (58 and 78 cm) and 2 depths (20 and 30 cm) available. 

Oak elements
from 114 €

Walnut elements
from 119 €

Ash elements
from 115 €

Black & Black stained ask elements
from 62 €

White elements
from 62 €

Grey elements
from 61 €

Beige elements
from 61 €

3) accessories : hook, organizers, coat hangers, plate rack, glass rack, rod, etc.

The extensive range of String accessories allows you to adapt your String system to a kitchen, bathroom, office, walk-in closet, hallway, etc. You can use them with the side panels and the metal shelves. 

from 18 €

 String Pocket, compact shelves

One String Pocket Shelf includes 2 frames and 3 shelves. The flexible and versatil String pocket are ideal to organize your kitchen, your bathroom or your living room. Use it to store your pocket books, DVD, bathroom product, kitchen products, etc.

 Height 50 cm Width 60 cm Depth 15 cm

String Pocket
design Nils Strinning
String furniture

String Works, high-low desk

String Works
design Strinning, Schewen, Dahlström
String furniture