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Dux is an almost century-old Swedish company, in the same family for four generations, famous in the Nordic countries for the extraordinary quality of its beds and for the edition of several classic pieces of furniture by one of the greatest Swedish architect-designer, Bruno Mathsson. 

The brand's story begins in 1924 when Swedish chocolatier Efraim Ljung was on a business trip to Chicago, where he checked into a small hotel. He wakes up after a night and wonders, "How can a bed be so comfortable?" The bed he slept in surpasses anything he has known before, and curious, he takes his penknife and makes a neat cut in the fabric of the bed (after a quick "discussion" with his own conscience ).

 What Efraim Ljung discovers makes him both surprised and fascinated, that the bed was constructed with flexible steel springs. Ljung carefully sews up the fabric, but brings back the memory of what he discovered in Sweden.

Back in Lund, he began to focus less on the chocolate business and more on experimenting with steel springs of different strengths and elasticities. This ultimately leads to the creation of the first DUX bed with unique technology that responds to pressure and weight.

Efraim Ljung had entered the small Chicago hotel as a chocolate manufacturer, he had left as a bed innovator.

Today, the Dux company is run by the fourth generation of Ljung, still manufactures its own mattress springs and uses several patented systems that are responsible for the exceptional quality of its beds.

This know-how combined with a simple design and high quality materials have earned it a strong presence on American soil since 1977. At the end of the 90s, the reputation of DUX spread across Europe, but also in more distant lands, where this still family business equips some of the most extraordinary luxury hotels in the world.

Scandinavia Design is proud to be the first French retailer. You are welcome in our showroom to test Dux beds and Bruno Mathsson furniture.

DUX 1001 bed Dux
DUX 1001 bed Dux
DUX 1001 bed Dux

DUX 1001 bed

Jetson lounge chair
Bruno Mathsson, 1969 – Dux

Pernilla 69 lounge chair
Bruno Mathsson, 1969 – Dux

Karin 73 lounge chair
Bruno Mathsson, 1973 – Dux