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DUX 3003 BED

The DUX 3003 Bed is Dux's most popular bed. You can come and try it at our showrom.

Its exceptional level of comfort is based on two patented DUX innovations – the spring system with its thousands of interconnected coils (or Federsystem, entirely manufactured by Dux, from springs to interconnecting system) and the unique Pascal system, which allows to customize the comfort zones – classically soft for the shoulders, medium for the hips and firmer for the legs.

Depending on the size (for 1 or 2 persons), the Pascal system of a DUX 3003 bed can accommodate up to 6 spring cassettes with variable firmness, from soft to extra firm, and thus adapt perfectly to the morphology of 2 sleepers.

The Pascal system also allows the mattress to evolve with time and the evolution of the body and, if necessary, to renovate it: if a DUX bed is programmed to last 20 years without altering comfort, this duration can be easily extended thanks to to this very easy-to-use system (the cassettes are accessible via a simple zip and can be replaced individually very easily).

To obtain a complete bed, a Dux 3003 bed must be accompanied by a Xupport topper approximately 6 cm thick, consisting of a natural latex core wrapped in a layer of wadding. From 160 cm wide, a DUX 3003 bed consists of two beds and an overbed.

Added to the comfort is a neat aesthetic, thanks to the quality of the textile enhanced by the premium leather details: a Dux bed is not hidden, only the over-bed is called upon to receive the fitted sheet.

Bed The bed is made up of two layers of springs, one of 9 cm and the other of 12 cm, and natural latex. As an indication, a 90x200 cm bed has 1554 springs specifically designed by Dux. The total height of the bed is 29 cm. The latex topper is replaceable.

Legs Height 20, 23 or 30 cm, the legs are available in solid wood – oak, beech, mahogany walnut, cherry or painted black –, in round, square or pyramidal shape, as well as in brushed aluminum (with or without castor).

Dimensions Width from 80 to 210 cm, length from 200 to 220 cm (increment of 10 cm – please ask us).

from 60 €

Dux 3003 Bed
from 2475 €

Xupport topper
from 845 €


Dux beds are found in the finest hotels in the world, proof of their extraordinary quality.
Here is a small selection:

Qingpu District, Shanghai, China

Stockholm, Sweden

Bad Gastein, Austria

Dubaï, United Arab Emirates

Santorini, Greece

Yufu Oita, Japan

New York, United States

Helsinki, Finland

Without forgetting the most prestigious place of all, our Showroom in St Georges des Sept Voies, near Angers.