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Carl Hansen & Søn is a Danish design furniture company founded in 1908 by Carl Hansen, specializing in the manufacture of high-end designer furniture. 

Carl Hansen & Søn Best Sellers 

The most emblematic designer associated with Carl Hansen & Søn is Hans J. Wegner, considered one of the founding fathers of Scandinavian design and author of several Nordic design masterpieces such as the Wishbone CH24 chair, in continuous production since 1949, or the Fauteuil Shell Chair CH07 from 1963 and CH25 Lounge chair from 1950. 

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Carl Hansen & Søn

Carl Hansen Tables and Desks 

Tables from Danish brand Carl Hansen embody the elegance and functionality of Scandinavian design. The CH337 / CH338 / CH339 table is an iconic piece designed by Hans Wegner, with its oval solid wood top that opens to accommodate extension leaves. Another emblematic wooden table by Hans Wegner, the CH327 features a rectangular top and a splendid base. Other famous Hans Wegner pieces include the CH008 coffee table and the CH004 nesting table.

Other major designers in the Carl Hansen catalog include Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Ole Wanscher and Borge Møgensen, author of several dining tables (Asserbo and Hunting) and coffee tables.

Each piece is crafted with exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship, using quality materials to ensure durability and timeless elegance. Carl Hansen tables are valuable investments, bringing a touch of refined Danish design to any home or workspace.

Carl Hansen & Søn Lounge Chairs

Carl Hansen & Søn chairs are distinguished by their diversity and timeless elegance. From Hans J. Wegner, one of the masters of Danish design, come the CH25, a masterpiece of ergonomics and weaving, and the CH07, nicknamed the "Shell Chair", renowned for its structural audacity. The Oculus, also by Wegner, intrigues with its circular backrest and wide armrests.

Morten Gøttler's popular Cuba folding chair is characterized by its organic elegance and clever use of solid wood. The Plico Chair, the fruit of collaboration between Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm, stands out for its innovative folding and airy aesthetic.

Another of the brand's best-sellers, the Colonial Chair, designed by Ole Wanscher, embodies the elegance of British colonial style combined with Nordic simplicity. 

Each of the brand's armchairs is based on unrivalled craftsmanship, combining noble materials and traditional manufacturing techniques, resulting in creations that transcend the ages.

Carl Hansen & Søn Coffee Tables

Carl Hansen & Søn coffee tables are exceptional pieces that reflect the quintessence of Danish design. Hans J. Wegner is the designer of several of them, such as the CH008, all wood and simplicity, and the CH106/108, which combines steel and glass.

Available in two lengths, Børge Mogensen's BM0488 table seduces with its use of wicker and raw oak. By Ole Wanscher, the Coloniale table completes the seating range of the same name. 

Also available as a dining table, the Embrace table by EOOS is a contemporary creation combining wood and metal, while the Egyptian table by Mogen Lassen illustrates classic Danish design. 

Each Carl Hansen & Søn coffee table expresses the personality of its designer and the brand's uncompromising commitment to quality craftsmanship. These tables transcend eras, offering practical utility and timeless aesthetic expression in keeping with the brand's exacting philosophy.

Carl Hansen & Søn Stools & Benches

Carl Hansen & Søn's stools and benches reflect the minimalist aesthetic of Danish design, the personality of their designer and the brand's high standards of craftsmanship. These include the Asserbo bench by Børge Mogensen, designed to accompany the table of the same name; the Egyptien folding stool by Ole Wanscher, which takes its inspiration from the cross-shaped structure of the eponymous coffee table; and the CH56/CH58 bar stools by Hans Wegner, whose simple, balanced shapes enhance the beauty of wood.

Carl Hansen & Søn Sofas

Carl Hansen & Søn's Danish sofas embody the elegance and comfort of Scandinavian design. These include the Embrace, a modular sofa designed by EOOS that combines flexibility and sophistication; the highly successful Sideway sofa by Rikke Frost, whose asymmetrical shape invites conversation; the rustic BM0865 bench by Børge Møgensen, which magnifies the solid oak of its frame; and the classic CH162/CH163 sofas by Hans Wegner, which combine timeless aesthetics with welcoming seating.

Carl Hansen & Søn Storage Furniture

The Carl Hansen & Søn storage furniture range may be small, but it covers a vast field of uses and includes several masterpieces. Starting with the splendid Credenza, a classic Scandinavian enfilade by the master Hans Wegner. The other two members of the category - Bœrge Mogensen's shelving system and Fabricius & Kastholm's bookcase - combine great modularity with exceptional cabinet-making quality.

Carl Hansen & Søn Outdoor Furniture

Designed by leading names in Danish design, Carl Hansen outdoor furniture is an exception in the range, as it is made from top-quality teak in Carl Hansen's own factory in Vietnam, run by the two Vietnamese-born adopted children of the brand's CEO, Erik Knud-Hansen, grandson of founder Carl Hansen. As a result, Carl Hansen outdoor furniture displays the same excellence of craftsmanship and design quality as the rest of the range.

Carl Hansen & Søn Children’s Furniture

About Carl Hansen & Søn

Carl Hansen & Søn is a Danish design company founded in 1908 by Carl Hansen. It is renowned for manufacturing high-quality furniture with a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability.

The most iconic designer associated with Carl Hansen & Søn is Hans J. Wegner. Wegner is considered one of the masters of Danish design and has contributed significantly to the company's history. His innovative and timeless creations were often made in collaboration with Carl Hansen & Søn, notably the famous Wishbone chair (or CH24) in 1949. The Wishbone chair is a masterpiece of Scandinavian design, recognizable by its back in the shape of Y and its hand-woven seat.

Chaise Wishbone CH24 – Hans Wegner – Carl Hansen & Søn
Fauteuil CH07 – Hans Wegner – Carl Hansen & Søn

In addition to Hans Wegner, Carl Hansen & Søn publishes many other designers from yesterday and today. Notable collaborations include that with Vilhelm Lauritzen, a renowned Danish architect; Ole Wanscher, Danish designer specializing in classic furniture; Fritz Henningsen, pioneer of Danish modern design; EOOS, a collective of Austrian designers; Børge Mogensen, known for its functional and elegant furniture; Poul Kjærholm, famous for his work on steel and leather furniture; Morten Gøttler, who creates simple and elegant wooden furniture; Arne Jacobsen, one of the most influential architects and designers of the modernist movement; Kaare Klint, considered the father of modern Danish design; and Rikke Frost, a contemporary designer who brings a fresh vision to the company's catalog.

carl hansen & søn
carl hansen & søn

These collaborations with renowned designers have enabled Carl Hansen & Søn to maintain a reputation for excellence and innovation in furniture design. The company continues to produce timeless pieces that combine traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary aesthetic, while maintaining a deep respect for nature and the environment.