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Carl Hansen & Søn


design Fabricius & Kastholm, 1964

The Plico Chair perfectly illustrates the philosophy of the Danish designer duo Fabricius & Kastholm, who were masters in the art of magnifying the practical or functional details that other designers sought to hide. Characterized by its visible joints, its highly visible folding system, its beautiful brass fittings and its simple yet clever construction, the Plico Chair was first presented in 1964 at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Furniture, where it won the price.

The idea was to create an armchair that takes up as little space as possible when not in use without compromising on comfort. Plico means “to fold” in Latin and, despite its light appearance, the comfort is remarkable thanks to the soft padding and the height-adjustable headrest. 

About Carl Hansen & Son's relaunch of the Plico Chair, Thomas Kastholm, the son of Jørgen Kastholm, says: "The chair was a turning point in my father's work and proved to be a precursor to an international career in furniture design. I know the chair from my childhood - I played under, over, and on it, and I've always liked it. I'm therefore delighted that the chair is now being given a new lease of life."

Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son, concludes: "The Plico Chair is an extremely versatile piece of furniture - not only in its function of being a foldable lounge chair, but also in its appearance, and it fits elegantly into the living room, the cottage, and the hotel room and lobby. It is a comfortable and cosy chair to sit in with a good book and a cup of coffee."

Materials solid oak (oiled or white oiled), armrests in saddle leather, brass brackets, cushions in foam and linen canvas

Plico Chair PK10
2495 € 

Plico Chair PK11
2219 € 

white oiled oak

oiled oak

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Fabricius & Kastholm