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BM Outdoor Series

outdoor furniture


design Børge Mogensen, 1968/1970

In the late 1960's Børge Mogensen designed the BM Series because he personally needed space-saving furniture. Therefore, the range was imagined with the idea that it should be easy to move and store when not in use. To fulfill this promise, each piece can be folded and hung up the wall thanks to the useful wall mounts that come in two sizes.

The BM Series is made of solid teak wood that is known for its weather-resistant quality. It will withstand changing weather conditions and it will elegantly overtime and use to obtain a more silvery hue. 

The complete range is ideal for both small and large outdoor spaces as it can easily fit onto balconies, patios or terraces.

Materials Solid teak. Seat/Cushion: Foam with Sunbrella fabric in Heritage Papyrus 18006.

Table BM1771 + Bench BM1871

Table BM1771

194,5 x 78 x H72 cm
1405 > 1124 €

Bench BM1871

170 x 44 x H44 cm
789 > 631,20 €

Bench cushion
170 x 44 x H44 cm
254 > 203,20 €

Table BM3670 + Chair BM4570

Table BM3670

115 x 71.5 x H72 cm
745 > 569 €

Chair BM4570

1H72 x 50 x P53 cm – hauteur d'assise 43,6 cm
313 > 250,40 €

Lounge Chair BM5568

Lounge Chair BM5568

H89,1 x 60,5 x P93,4 cm Seat height 36,8 cm
822 > 657,60 €

Cushion for BM5568
208 > 166,40 €

Lounge Chair with Footrest BM5565

Lounge Chair BM5565

H91,5 x 60,5 x P135 cm
972> 777,60 €

Cushion for BM5565
268 > 214,40 €

Coffee Table BM5868 – Stool BM5768 – Tray BM1069

Table BM5868

45 x 45 x H45,2 cm
268 > 214,40 €

Stool BM5768

45 x 51.5 x H46.8 cm
239 > 191,20 €

Tray BM1069 for Stool BM5768

58 x 34,6 cm
135 > 108 €

wall hooks


64 cm
60 > 48 €


121,5 cm
89 > 71,20 €

Børge Mogensen

Børge Mogensen’s (1914-1972) creative process produced long-lasting pieces with humans at the center. He became a highly influential post-war designer and a leading representative of Danish Modern.

Mogensen’s democratic design included simple and functional wooden furniture for both private and public spaces, with calm aesthetics and strong construction from quality materials. He believed in visual clarity and minimal decoration or experimentation, as seen in his classic Hunting Table and Deck Chair Set.

As a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Mogensen was inspired by Kaare Klint’s use of human proportions with visual calm and functionalism. Mogensen, however, also placed emphasis on informal interior décor and the use of modern production facilities.

Mogensen completed his cabinetmaker training in 1934, followed by studies in furniture design. During this period he worked in the studios of Klint and Mogens Koch until he was hired as chief designer for the Danish furniture cooperative FDB in 1942, where he pioneered democratic design.

He began his own design studio in 1950, making modern, useful furniture produced from local, Nordic materials. His inspiration, however came from many cultures and styles, including international modernism, ethnic arts, Japanese carvings, and historic works.

Mogensen also taught furniture design and participated in exhibitions and competitions, such as the 1948, international Competition for Low-Cost Furniture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which he entered together with his friend Hans J. Wegner.

He was awarded the Eckersberg Medal in 1950 and won the Danish Furniture Prize in 1971. In 1972 he was awarded the C.F. Hansen Medal and appointed Honorary Royal Designer for Industry at the Royal Society of Arts in London.