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Carl Hansen & Søn X Scandinavia Design

Modular Sofa

design EOOS, 2021

Carl Hansen & Søn and EOOS present the Embrace Sofa – a flexible and modular sofa with an elegant wooden structure, which combines formal rigor, relaxed comfort, sensuality of materials and craftsmanship.

 The idea was to combine the DNA of Carl Hansen & Søn and EOOS, to find the perfect balance between the wooden frame and the softness of the upholstery, between the artisanal tradition of the former and the contemporary aesthetic of the latter.

The designers of EOOS state: “Carl Hansen & Søn's fascinating and in-depth knowledge of wood has been crucial to the production of the Embrace Sofa, which fully embodies the philosophies of EOOS and Carl Hansen & Søn. The Embrace Sofa had to be made as minimalist as possible without compromising on comfort. We are proud of the result we have achieved together. "

The Embrace Sofa has a total of ten modules. Each module can be combined with the others in every conceivable way, but also be used independently, which makes the sofa exceptionally flexible.

The wooden frame and backrest have a rigorous expression, while the upholstery piping produces soft lines that accentuate the upholstery seam. The layer of soft down that envelops the cushions contrasts with their strict shape. The loose cushions of the sofa provide pleasant and enveloping comfort.

The frame of the Embrace Sofa is made of solid wood, as are the modules with armrests and table. 

External frame solid oak or walnut
Internal frame solid beech

Padding fire retardant cold foam + down
Upholstery fabric or leather

Free Samples (against deposit)
95 €

module E300

from 2590 € 

module E301

from 3290 € 

module E310

from 3590 € 

module E320 left

from 2990 € 

module E320 right

from 2990 € 

module E321 left

from 3690 € 

module E321 right

from 3690 € 

module E330 left

from 3080 € 

module E330 right

from 3080 € 

module E331 left

from 3690 € 

module E331 right

from 3690 € 

module E340

from 2145 € 

module E350

from 2590 € 

free cushion E300S

from 199 € 

free cushion E300L

from 285 € 


free samples

(against deposit)
95 €



EOOS designer

Austrian design collaborative, EOOS, were established in Vienna in 1995 by Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann, and Harald Gründl. 

The trio study historical roots in a contemporary context and use a unique process called Poetical Analysis to create works. 

Their method focuses on myths, rituals and intuitive expressions, to create connections that extend beyond initial perceptions.

EOOS view design as a poetic discipline, and believe that end results should be able to accommodate changing needs and desires.