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AH Outdoor
Carl Hansen & Søn
Alfred Homann, 2023

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Simplicity, clarity and logic were the guiding design principles for Alfred Homann during the development of the
AH Outdoor Series, where all superfluous details were eliminated in favour of simple expression and high functionality.

The series consists of eleven pieces of furniture, including dining tables and chairs, a bench, lounge tables and chairs and a lounger, all of which can be mixed and matched to fit individual needs.

The AH Outdoor Series features a rigorous aesthetic paired with Homann's sense of soft shapes - as evidenced in the beautifully curved armrests, backrests and seats, where the braces elegantly grip the frame.

These joints are meticulously polished by hand by the skilled craftsmen at Carl Hansen & Son, in order to achieve a soft and tactile surface. All the tables and chairs can be stacked for ease of storage when not in use, exemplifying Homann's attention to detail and understanding of form and function.

The new AH Outdoor Series is made of teak - a hard, strong wood which is well-suited to changing climates, offering durability due to its high content of natural oils. As the teak is untreated, it patinates beautifully over time, gradually acquiring a more silvery hue.

The series offers a high degree of comfort with and without the cushions, which are made of weatherproof textiles.

Knud Erik Hansen, CEO and third-generation owner at Carl Hansen & Son, comments: "The AH Outdoor Series has its very own expression and fits perfectly into our outdoor collection, where it sits beautifully between Bodil Kjær's cubist Indoor-Outdoor Series and Børge Mogensen's foldable outdoor furniture. In addition, the AH Outdoor Series meets some very specific needs for stackable furniture with high aesthetic value that neither compromises on materials nor craftsmanship."

Materials untreated FSC®-certified teak (FSC C135991) – cushions in Agora Life®Textile

Dining Place

Chair AH501 – W51 x D54,5 x H81 cm – Seat Height 45 cm

Chair AH502 – W51 x D54,5 x H81 cm – Seat Height 45 cm

Back cushion – Chair AH501/502

Seat cushion – Chair AH501/502

Table AH901 – 203 x 100 x H74 cm

Table AH902 – 98,5 x 100 x H74 cm

Lounge Place

Lounge chair AH601 – W83,5 x D57,5 x H73,5 cm – Seat Height 38 cm

Back cushion – Lounge chair AH601

Seat cushion – Lounge chair AH601

Deck chair AH603 – W78 x D77,5 x H67 cm – Seat height 30 cm

Back cushion – Deck chair AH603

Seat cushion – Deck chair AH603

Lounger AH604 – W88 x D131 x H30 cm

Cushion for Lounger AH604

Footstool AH604F – 78,5 x 77 x H30 cm

Cushion for Footstool AH604F

Lounge bench AH701 – W144,5 x D57,5 x H73,5 cm – Seat height 38 cm

Back cushion – Lounge bench AH701

Seat cushion – Lounge bench AH701

Side Table & Table Bench

Side Table AH911 – W48,5 x D59,5 x H45 cm

Cushion AH911

Table / Bench AH912 – 123,5 x 48,5 x H45 cm

Cushion AH912