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Muuto – Furniture, Lighting, Accessories

The danish brand Muuto wants to be the heir and, most importantly, the continuator of the rich tradition of Scandinavian design, an ambition present in its name which means "new perspectives" in ... Finnish.

As such, it pays particular attention to the humanism of its design, placing man and his needs at the center of his ideas. Muuto works with designers from different Scandinavian countries, with the ambition to put its expertise at the service of their creativity. The originality and quality of its products allowed the Muutp company to  grow extremely rapidly and be already widely distributed throughout the world. [ Read more]

Muuto Accessories

About Muuto

Muuto is a Danish company specializing in the design of furniture, lighting and accessories for the home. The name "Muuto" comes from the Finnish word "muutos", meaning "new perspective". This aptly reflects the brand's philosophy, which aims to innovate and rethink traditional Scandinavian design by incorporating new ideas and visions.

Since its inception, Muuto has been committed to working with contemporary Scandinavian designers, giving them the freedom to express their own vision through their creations. This has led to a diverse collection that combines aesthetics, functionality and new techniques. Their products are recognized for their simplicity, aesthetics and functionality, while remaining true to the roots of Nordic design, characterized by craftsmanship, durability and quality materials.

Muuto collaborates with many talented designers, such as Anderssen & Voll, TAF Studio, and Thomas Bentzen, to name but a few. Their contributions continue to enrich the Muuto collection with chairs, tables, sofas, lamps and decorative accessories that are equally at home in domestic environments and public spaces.

Sustainability is another important aspect for Muuto. The company strives to minimize its environmental impact by carefully selecting its materials and manufacturing processes. It also aims to create durable products that stand the test of time, both aesthetically and functionally.

Muuto offers a diverse range of products that reflect its approach to modern Scandinavian design, combining functionality, refined aesthetics and innovation.


Outline: This sofa is distinguished by its clean lines and slim profile, offering exceptional comfort and modern aesthetics.

Connect: Modular, this sofa allows a multitude of configurations, adapting to different spaces and lifestyles.

In Situ: With its modular design and soft materials, this sofa embodies flexibility and comfort, perfect for contemporary spaces.


Fiber: This chair is appreciated for its innovative composite shell, combining wood and plastic for optimum comfort while remaining lightweight.

Nerd: Recognizable by its unique design and comfortable seat, the Nerd chair brings a touch of personality to any space.

Workshop: A celebration of traditional craftsmanship with exemplary simplicity and functionality.

Visu: A modern interpretation of the classic wooden chair, with clean lines and solid construction.

Cover: This chair stands out for its innovative design, where folded wood creates a comfortable, enveloping backrest.

Loft: Inspired by classic café chairs, it combines sturdiness and minimalist design.

Oslo: Comfort and elegance define this chair, ideal for contemporary interiors.


70/70: With its slim top and characteristic angular legs, this table brings a minimalist yet expressive design.

Linear Wood: Evoking Scandinavian simplicity, ideal for meals with family and friends.

Base: Its light structure and simple design make it a versatile table for a variety of environments.

Midst: This table adds a touch of originality with its unique design and quality materials.

Workshop: It embodies beauty in simplicity, with attention to detail and quality.


Stacked: A modular shelving system for flexible, personalized storage solutions.

Reflect: A chest of drawers that plays on reflections and shadows to create a unique visual effect.

Enfold: Combines metal and wood for an interesting material contrast, offering both openness and closure in its design.


The Dots: These colorful, functional coat hooks add a playful touch to any wall.

Restore: Litter garbage cans made from recycled material, combining functionality and ecological awareness.

Framed & Arced Mirrors: Mirrors offering unique and decorative perspectives.

Kink & Ridge Vases: Each with a distinctive shape, these vases are as much decorative pieces as they are containers for flowers.

Wrap & Doze Chairs: Comfortable and enveloping, these armchairs invite you to relax.

Coffee tables (Around, Couple, Relate, Soft Side, Halves, Airy, Flow): A variety of shapes and styles to complement any living room.


Linear Steel: Garden furniture that combines functionality and clean lines, resisting the elements while remaining elegant.


Pebble, Relevo, Varjo, Ply: These rugs offer texture, color and comfort underfoot, enriching any space with their quality and design.

Each of these products illustrates Muuto's commitment to rethinking traditional Scandinavian design. By integrating innovation and creativity, Muuto continues to produce pieces that are functional, beautiful and environmentally friendly, meeting the needs of contemporary living spaces.