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Our designer sofas are divided into 4 main categories: modular sofas, fixed-length sofas, sofa-beds and meridiennes. [Read more]

modular sofas

Sofas fall into 3 main complementary categories.

Modular sofas are particularly well-suited to homes that are difficult to access: a module is always easier to get through a door or narrow corridor or up a staircase than a complete sofa. What's more, they can be easily modified, made bigger or smaller over time by adding or subtracting modules to adapt them to changing needs and moves. Finally, in the event of a domestic accident, stain or snag, all you have to do is change one module, not the whole sofa.

Fixed-length sofas are not subject to the same technical constraints as modular sofas, and designers have much more freedom to be creative. Aesthetics and design can take precedence, and this category brings together the most beautiful and original pieces. Most are available in 2- and 3-seater versions, often complemented by a matching armchair, footstool or ottoman. 

As for sofa beds, those on the market are often heavy and ugly. Fortunately, Scandinavian design offers practical and beautifully designed options that reconcile function and aesthetics.  

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