design Atelier BL119

Taking its visual cues from the appearance of a fuel container, Atelier BL119 wanted to bring a new expression to the table jug. Through its wide opening and handle, the Tub Jug is a simple and useful object to serve as both a carafe and a watering can. Made in ceramics, the Tub Jug features a clear function when in use as well as an aesthetic presence when placed on the table, a sideboard or a shelf.

Materials glazed stoneware

Dimensions W15,5 x D7,1 x H23,9 cm

Dark Green
95 €

Pale Blue
95 €

95 €

Atelier BL119

Atelier BL119 is a design studio, based in Saint-Étienne, France. Founded in 2007 by duo Grégory Blain and Hervé Dixneuf, the studio works within industrial as well as spatial design.

They focus their design work through drawing and experimentation and explore manufacturing and assembly processes as well as formal and technical elements for transposing them to projects. They orient their reflection in a poetic dimension to create singular, useful and surprising objects.