design Anderssen & Voll, 2016 

Outline 3-seater, black Refine leather (price group 6)

The Outline family is inspired by the classic Scandinavian sofas from the 1960s, obeying to an ideal of simplicity and functionality. The name refer to its clean exterior lines, whose geometric rigor contrasts with the softness of the generously proportioned seat.

Thanks to its commercial success, the Outline family has grown over time and everyone can find the model suitable for their space. All members are available in leather and fabric. The light base, key element of the collection’s strong visual identity, is available in black and in polished aluminum.

Frame wood and steel 

Filling cold foam and feather 

Upholstery fabric or leather, removable cushions

Base polished aluminium or black powder coated

Seat depth 54 or 62 cm Seat height 40 cm (optional 45 cm for Studio series)
Total height 71 cm (optional 76 cm for Studio series)

Outline Studio chair, fabric Twill Weave 990 (price group 4)

Outline 3-seater, leather Refine beige (price group 6)

Outline 3,5-seater, fabric Vidar 554 (price group 4)

Outline chair, fabric Vidar 723 (price group 4)

Outline Daybed, cognac Refine leather (price group 6)

Outline 3-seater, cognac Refine leather (price group 6)

Quick Ship Versions

Chair 88 x 86 cm
Remix 163 + black legs

2-seater 170 x 84 cm
Remix 163 + black legs

Chair 88 x 86 cm
Divina 984 + Polished alumin. legs

2-seater 170 x 84 cm
Divina 984 + Polished aluminium legs

2-seater 170 x 84 cm
Black Refine leather + black legs

Chair 88 x 86 cm
Cognac Refine leather + black legs

2-seater 170 x 84 cm
Cognac Refine leather + black legs

3-seater 220 x 84 cm
Cognac Refine leather + black legs

Daybed 200 x 84 cm
Cognac Refine leather + black legs

Neck cushion 70 x 30 x 12 cm
Cognac Refine leather

Customize your Outline

collection overview

fabrics & Leathers

Outline Studio – Depth 76 cm / Seat Depth 54 cm / Seat Height 40 or 45 cm

Outline Studio L78 cm

Outline Studio Sofa L140 cm

Outline Studio Sofa L170 cm

Outline Studio Sofa L220 cm

Outline – Depth 86 cm / Seat Depth 62 cm / Seat Height 40 cm

Outline L88 cm

2-seater L170 cm

3-seater L220 cm

3,5-seater L255 cm

Corner 255 x 255 cm

Pouf 111 x 78 cm

Daybed 200 x 82 cm

Neck cushion W70 x D30 x H12 cm

Outline Chaise Longue – Width 263 cm / Depth 142/86 cm / Seat Deapth 122/62 cm




 Fiord 151 (price group 2)

 Fiord 961 (price group 2)

 Remix 126 (price group 1)

 Remix 133 (price group 1)

 Remix 233 (price group 1)

 Remix 962 (price group 1)

 Remix 163 (price group 1)

 Steelcut Trio 996 (price group 2)

 Steelcut Trio 713 (price group 2)

 Fiord 451 (price group2)

 Fiord 672 (price group 2)

 Fiord 971 (price group 2)

Outline 3,5 places – Hallingdal 166
Outline 3,5 places – Hallingdal 166

Hallingdal 166 (price group 3)

Fiord 551 (price group 2)

 Divina MD 633 (price group 3)

 Divina 876 (price group 3)

 Divina 936 (price group 3)

 Divina 686 (price group3)

 Divina 462 (price group 3)

 Divina 826 (price group 3)

 Divina 666 (price group 3)

 Vidar 554 (price group 4)

 Vidar 723 (price group 4)

Outline 3,5 places – Hallingdal 166

 Vidar 733 (price group 4)

leather Refine black

fabric Fiord 551

fabric Fiord 961

leather Refine cognac

fabric Vidar 472

fabric Steelcut 935, leather Refine cognac, fabric Fiord 591

fabric Steelcut 935

Anderssen & Voll

Anderssen & Voll are among the most prominent and successful Norwegian designers. They have been named both Norwegian and Scandinavian designers of the year and have received numerous international awards for their work within furniture, lighting, and home accessories.

On Their Design Philosophy: “A good product builds and expands on tradition while simultaneously breaking the rules of said tradition. Modifications and elements of surprise, even changes that are less radical, stimulate thought and reflection, also who may not hold a particular interest in design. This tiny second of reflection is the window of opportunity where we can communicate with the users and that’s what we strive to tap into.”

The long-standing studio: The studio of Andersson & Voll is located in the heart of Oslo, housed in one of the oldest buildings in the area dating back to 1802 – a farm structure-cum-studio located next to the beautiful river of Akerselva, an area that is home to several design studios and art schools.

On Scandinavian Design: “Scandinavian design isn’t merely a label to place onto products – it’s a commitment by Muuto to let the brand grow dynamically in companionship with the emerging ideas and concerns of young Scandinavian designers. The term functions as an invitation, a challenge, and a motivating element to us as designers.”