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Scandinavian design dominated the design world from the 1930s to the 1970s, before making a spectacular resurgence in the early 21st century. And it is perhaps in the field of dining chairs that Scandinavia has left its deepest imprint: as industrialization came later, woodworking was omnipresent when design developed, giving birth to an extremely warm modernity.

Of course, our range includes all the classics of Scandinavian design, which includes many world-renowned, timeless icons - from the molded wood veneer chairs of Alvar Aalto and Arne Jacobsen to the organic delicacies of Finn Juhl and the ergonomically perfect chairs of Hans Wegner, to the sometimes iconoclastic innovations of Verner Panton.

In the wake of these giants are a number of mid-century designers who are sometimes a little forgotten, but also a plethora of contemporary talents who have the intelligence to update their heritage.