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Scandinavian design, renowned for its minimalism, functionality and clever use of materials, has always had a significant impact on the contemporary art of living. At the heart of this heritage are home accessories, among which trays take pride of place [read more]

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Scandinavian design, renowned for its minimalism, functionality and clever use of materials, has always had a significant impact on the contemporary art of living. At the heart of this heritage are home accessories, among which trays occupy pride of place.

Used for serving, decorating, or simply organizing, trays designed by Scandinavian brands such as Marimekko, Hay, Artek, and others, embody the Nordic design philosophy. Here is a summary of their specific philosophies, highlighting the diversity and richness of these everyday objects transformed into works of art.

Marimekko – Vibrant Colors and Patterns

Marimekko is famous for its bold patterns and bright colors. Their trays, often adorned with iconic designs like the "Unikko", are not only practical but also serve as statement pieces, bringing a touch of joy and optimism to any space.

Hay – Modernity Accessible

Hay, with its vision of making modern design accessible to everyone, offers trays that are characterized by simple shapes and contemporary colors. Their collection includes modular trays that can be used versatilely in different contexts of the home.

Artek – The Legacy of Alvar Aalto

Artek remains true to Alvar Aalto's legacy, emphasizing functionality and the natural beauty of materials. Their range of birch tops, featuring the organic shapes and gentle curves typical of Aalto, are a tribute to classic Finnish design.

Fritz Hansen – Elegance and Simplicity

Fritz Hansen offers a selection of trays that reflect the elegance and simplicity of Danish design. Their collaboration with renowned designers has resulted in pieces where form and function meet harmoniously.

Muuto – New Perspectives

Muuto, whose name means "new perspective" in Finnish, brings a fresh and innovative approach to home accessories. Their trays, available in a range of sizes and colors, are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, fit for the contemporary era.

Swedese – Iconic Swedish Design

Swedese is recognized for its furniture and accessories that embody iconic Swedish design. Their wooden tops, characterized by their simplicity and elegance, add a touch of naturalness and warmth to the interior.

Architectmade – Design Classics

Architectmade offers a collection of trays that celebrate the classics of Scandinavian design. The Finn Juhl tray, for example, is a reissue of a 1956 design that combines functionality and artistic form, demonstrating Juhl's timeless approach to design.

Ferm Living – Modern and Organic Aesthetic

Ferm Living stands out for its modern and organic aesthetic, with tops that combine geometric shapes and natural materials. Their designs are perfect for those looking to add a contemporary touch to their daily routine.

Normann Copenhagen – Innovation and Simplicity

Normann Copenhagen is known for his innovative approach to design. Their range of trays, characterized by bold simplicity, challenges convention while remaining deeply rooted in the principles of Scandinavian design.

Iittala – Beauty in Everyday Life

Iittala believes in the beauty of objects used every day. Their very graphic design trays, signed Alvar Aalto or the Bouroullec brothers, are designed to last and to embellish everyday moments, combining functionality and lasting aesthetics.

&Tradition – Between Tradition and Innovation

&Tradition preserves the heritage of Scandinavian design while injecting a dose of innovation. Their tabletops reflect this balance, offering designs that respect the past while being perfectly suited to modern life.


Trays from Scandinavian brands represent much more than just surfaces for transporting or displaying objects. They are the expression of a design tradition that values the balance between beauty and utility, between heritage and innovation.

Each brand brings its own vision and interpretation of Scandinavian design, providing a variety of choices for those looking to incorporate these principles into their daily lives.

On Scandinavia Design, discovering and acquiring these trays means inviting a piece of Nordic design history into your home, enriching every moment with simplicity and beauty.