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Fritz Hansen is the publisher of such design icons as the Series 7 Chair and Arne Jacobsen's Egg and Swan Armchairs. 

Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen is the publisher of several design icons such as the Series 7 Chair and the Egg and Swan Armchair by Arne Jacobsen. It is also one of the oldest and most important companies in Scandinavian design in general and Danish design in particular, whose history and aesthetic it has helped to shape.

Fritz Hansen is also one of the historic partners of Scandinavia Design, which is one of the best experts and largest European resellers. Our two showrooms located near Angers will allow you to discover the main Fritz Hansen products.

The story of Fritz Hansen begins in 1872, when cabinetmaker Fritz Hansen opened his first workshop in Copenhagen, and continues today thanks to a succession of collaborations and acquisitions that allow the company to enjoy a growing prestige, whether in the United States, Europe or Asia [read more].

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History of Fritz Hansen

The story of Fritz Hansen begins in 1872, when cabinetmaker Fritz Hansen opened his first workshop in Copenhagen. A few years later, Fritz joined forces with his son Christian Hansen and began manufacturing high-quality furniture in 1885.

The young company Fritz Hansen enjoyed rapid success, with prestigious commissions from major institutions such as the University Library, Copenhagen City Hall, the Court of Justice, etc.

Christian began experimenting with the veneered and molded beech technique at the beginning of the twentieth century, and by the 1930s the Fritz Hansen company became a world leader in veneered wood.

Fritz Hansen began collaborations with renowned Danish designers like Kaare Klint, which allowed him to release designer furniture inspired by German functionalism, with softened and clean lines, which laid the foundations for a style that would become world famous under the name of Scandinavian design.

New collaborations were formed after the war, with Hans Wegner (China chair, 1944), Børge Mogensen (spoke back sofa, 1945) and of course Arne Jacobsen, who would become Fritz Hansen's main designer during the 1950s, with the chair Fourmi, the Serie 7 chair, the Grand-Prix chair and many other chairs made with the pressed and molded plywood technique developed by Christian Hansen.

The creation of icons such as the Egg and Swan armchairs, designed by Arne Jacobsen for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, helped to further establish the notoriety and prestige of the Fritz Hansen brand. They were followed by numerous masterpieces of design, such as the Drop chair, the Lily chair, the Little Giraffe chair, the little-known The Pot and Oksen armchairs, the AJ Side Trolley rolling table, the forgotten Writing Desk, the Serie 3300 and many other works by Arne Jacobsen.

And if other designers like Verner Panton (Bachelor chair), Bruno Mathsson and Piet Hein (authors with Arne Jacobsen of the iconic Superellipse table) collaborated with Fritz Hansen, it is Arne Jacobsen who dominates the history of the brand .

In the 1980s, Fritz Hansen expanded its catalog by acquiring the rights to furniture designed by Poul Kjærholm between 1951 and 1980, thus adding a prestigious collection of Scandinavian design icons such as the PK22 armchair, the 61 table and many more. Others, like the little-known PK0 A armchair and PK60 table, made of wood and not steel like most of Poul Kjærholm's work.

Another big name in the Fritz Hansen catalog: Jaime Hayón. Although Spanish, Jaime Hayón is a lover of Scandinavian design and Fritz Hansen owes him some now iconic pieces, such as the sculptural Favn sofa, the Lune modular sofa, the very comfortable Ro and Fri armchairs and the pretty collection of Ikebana vases .

More recently, Fritz Hansen acquired the rights to a number of emblematic pieces from American designer Paul McCobb, author in particular of the pretty series of Planner coffee tables and Planner shelves.

Another great historical name in design to have joined the Fritz Hansen catalog: the Danish Bodil Kjær, who was a significant figure in the history of Danish mid-century design.

But Fritz Hansen also has lamps, like the famous Kaiser Idell pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps by Christian Dell, icons of the Bauhaus; the Caravaggio lamps, by Cecilie Manz, a true modern classic; the very geometric Cross-Plex lamps that Bodil Kjær designed in the early 1960s, or the Concert pendant light that the Danish architect designer Jørn Utzon designed for what is undoubtedly his architectural masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House.

Fritz Hansen continues to expand its collection of lighting fixtures, not hesitating to mix high technology and classic materials, such as the very technical Oneline pendant lamp by Danish designer K. F. Kjeldgaard, or the very decorative Maluma lamp by Fumie Shibata.

Sometimes, this extension of the range of Fritz Hansen lighting is done by reissue, as with these two lamps with very vintage aesthetics: the Silhuet and Orient pendant lights that Jo Hammerborg designed in the 60s and 70s.

But perhaps the most remarkable addition to the Fritz Hansen lighting field is the very poetic Clam pendant light, which the duo Ahm and Lund designed in 2021 and which immediately enjoyed great success.

Another remarkable collaboration from Fritz Hansen, the Via 57 armchair from the Danish design office KiBiSi was designed to equip the remarkable eponymous building by Bjarke Ingels in Manhattan, New York, on the banks of the Hudson.

This quick review of the Fritz Hansen catalog cannot forget the very comfortable and sculptural Lissoni sofa by Piero Lissoni, one of Scandinavia Design's favorite pieces.

Finally, please note that Scandinavia Design can provide you with information and make you a commercial proposal for any Fritz Hansen product, even if it is not on the site. We have samples for all Fritz Hansen products and will be happy to speak with you to guide you and help you in your choice.

Don't forget that Fritz Hansen is not just a manufacturer of furniture, lighting and home accessories: it is a story, an aesthetic, an ethic, a relationship with beauty, sustainability and well-being. be. Those who do not know Fritz Hansen may have the first impression that the products are expensive, because Fritz Hansen luxury is a discreet luxury, which is discovered over time. The reality is that Fritz Hansen products have a remarkable quality/price ratio because, precisely, this luxury is subtle and discreet and therefore we never get tired of it.