Dryp Drying Rack

design Rikke Frost

Dryp is a light and clever drying rack that makes washing much more pleasant. Dryp ("drip" in Danish) is compact and particularly suitable for small spaces. You can easily fold it up and use it on its own or leaning against the wall. 

Discreet rubber tips are added underneath to prevent it from slipping when loaded with wet clothes.

Materials solid oak from FSC certified forests

Dimensions 70 x 10 x 180 cm

349 €

Rikke Frost

For Rikke Frost, one thing is certain: life is too short to work with something you don't like. Her way of exploring the Milan Design Week stands from top to bottom shows pretty clearly that she loves her life as a designer. She was born in South Jutland, Denmark in 1973 and graduated as an architect from the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark in 2000. As a designer, she prefers wood to be included in its solutions when new projects are on the drawing board.