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Clam Pendant
Ahm & Lund, 2021

The Clam Pendant is an opaline glass sea shell, the two shells of which can be pulled apart to reveal its light source as if it were a pearl. Both lampshades are mouth-blown: for the lamp to function properly, they must be perfectly symmetrical in terms of size and weight – a real technical challenge, even for the most seasoned craftsman.

The interior brass structure blends perfectly with the appearance of the glass and contributes to the warm and harmonious quality of the light emitted. A small brass knob turns by hand to open and close the lower shade to adjust the light intensity; its design is inspired by old gas lamps.

The Clam Pendant is the first creation of the young Danish designer duo Ahm & Lund for the brand Fritz Hansen.

The Clam Pendant won first prize on the Danish TV show "Denmark's Next Classic", which promotes future Danish design classics. It is available in two sizes.

Materials opal mouth blown, untreated brass
Dimensions Ø44 or 55 cm

Clam Ø44 cm

Clam Ø55 cm

Ahm & Lund

Ahm & Lund is a Copenhagen-based design studio founded by designer Isabel Ahm (b.1980) and cabinetmaker Signe Lund (b.1991). Both work on the border between craftsmanship and design with a common belief in sustainable design. They design their products from deep, empirical thinking.

They met at the "Skud på Stammen 2016" exhibition, the equivalent of "budding talents", an initiative of the "NEXT" carpentry school in Copenhagen. As part of the television program "Denmark's Next Classic", they decided to join forces and create their studio.