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LUNE modular sofa
Jaime Hayon, 2017

Jaime Hayón, designer of the Lune modular sofa, had already designed for Fritz Hansen the Ro and Fri chairs. With Lune, Jaime Hayón's and Fritz Hansen are introducing a new paradigm in modular sofas: its bold design looks and feels like a conventional sofa but offers the versatility of a modular construction with unlimited possibilities: from a straight 2-seater to larger L-shapes, along with chaise longue options. 

Hayón's addition of an unique aesthetic dimension to the flexible, modular sofa concept ensures that Lune is not only extremely comfortable but also beautiful from every angle. "Sofas tend to be presented from the front. I wanted to highlight the beauty of the Lune profile and the harmony between the backrest and the seat," says Jaime Hayón.

Lune is a Danish word that refers to a certain coveted, ideal temperature and the feeling one gets when everything is just right. It is the temperature buns have when they come out of the oven and butter melts on top. The temperature you have when you lie on your favorite sofa under a warm blanket. And the ambience created when snow is falling outside while a fire burns in the fireplace. That is precisely how Lune makes you feel.

Lune is carefully constructed to enhance comfort in every inch of the sofa. The exceptionally soft seat is upholstered with a cotton-linen fabric blend, while the cushions are crafted using four layers of materials with a top layer of duck and goose feathers. When seated, one experiences incredible comfort and softness as the cushions mould around the body. The sofa readily returns to its original expression with just a few gentle pats.

Lune can also be customised with a large choice of fabrics and leathers.

Seat height 40,5 cm
Base brushed aluminum, clear lacquered oak or black colored oak

Exterior left

Exterior right



Chaise longue left

Chaise longue right

Fabrics & Leathers


Linara 324 Eucalyptus (price group 1) 

Aura leather black (price group 4) 

Linara 030 Indigo (price group 1) 

Linara 340 Grey Mist (price group 1) 

Linara 118 Gingersnap (price group 1)

Christianshavn 1110 (price group 0) 

Christianshavn 1120 (price group 0)

Christianshavn 1131 (price group 0) 

Christianshavn 1150 (price group 0)

Christianshavn 1152 (price group 0)

Christianshavn 1175 (price group 0) 

Linara 237 Lead (price group 1) 

Examples of combinations

Jaime Hayón

Born in Madrid in 1974, Jaime Hayón has one of the most glittering careers in recent contemporary design. Although trained in Madrid, he forged his reputation at Fabrica, the creative breeding ground run by Benetton near the Italian city of Treviso. Arriving in 1997, at the young age of 24, Hayón worked for Oliviero Toscani, who would soon place him in charge of the design department. It was at Fabrica that Hayón first worked with BD on the Mail Me project.

In 2004, he decided to branch out on his own, settling in Barcelona and working on a number of projects while also exhibiting his more personal work in art galleries. The exhibition “Mediterranean Digital Baroque”, at London’s David Gill Gallery, and the bathroom collection he designed for ArtQuitect marked the start of his meteoric international rise, which was established with the Showtime collection for BD and his subsequent work with companies such as Metalarte, Camper, Lladró, Bisazza, Swarovsky, and Moooi.