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Stub side table

Fritz Hansen – Mette Schelde

The STUB side table by Danish architect Mette Schelde elegantly combines wood and glass. The sober design of Stub, which means "stump" in Danish, is inspired by landscapes of wood stumps in the forest. 

The table top is a circle of clear glass that subtly fits onto the base with no visible screws or fixings. This is the result of a completely original design: the glass and the base are cut at an angle of 45 ° to fit together smoothly, and the composition of the glass (poor in iron) makes the top particularly clear, fading so subtly in the center that the cutout is made invisible. 

"I wanted the assemblage between the two materials to generate a functional, even tabletop with a light expression. It required several experiments during the design process to master this assembling detail", Shelde explains. 

"This is an incredibly beautiful design that has subtle sophistication in its details. It may look simple, but the design and craftsmanship required are very clever - not very simple at all." says Christian Andresen, Head of Design for Fritz Hansen.

Materials wooden column made of birch plywood core and one layer of exterior veneer layer available in 3 different surface finishes (lacquered oak, lacquered ash, black stained ash) - table top made of 10 mm low iron tempered glass

Dimensions Ø 49 x H 44,5 cm - Base : Ø 26 cm - weight 7 kg

STUB – Lacquered oak

STUB – Lacquered ash

STUB – Black colored ash

Mette Shelde

Born in 1985, Danish architect Mette Schelde works experimentally from everyday situations to design functional objects and architectural creations.

In 2012, Schelde created the studio from which she designs furniture and lighting and works on her architectural projects. Through simple constructions, Schelde combines traditional and sensual materials such as wood, glass and metal in a unique sculptural universe.

Her creative process, from sketching, through modeling, construction and testing, is guided by intuition and by the manifesto she wrote in 2016. Her architectural background is of paramount importance in her design process. His approach focuses on the interactions - between the object, the context and the human - in order to be able to explore the function of objects and spaces in all its dimensions.

Mette Schelde Studio has received several nominations and awards and is supported by the Danish Art Foundation. The STUB side table, in which the base ingeniously locks the glass circle in position, is Mette Schelde's first design for Fritz Hansen.