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AVION Pendant


To draw the Avion Pendant, Iskos-Berlin was absorbed in his old fascination with aircraft, especially for Zeppelins, these large oblong airships that marked his childhood fantasy by associating wind and lightness.

Despite its large size, Avion is a discrete and delicate pendant. Made of polypropylene, it emits a soft and multi-directional light, cozy and comfortable. The Avion Pendant can be suspended isolated in a house, but also in groups in a hotel lobby, in a restaurant or in a large room by creating irregular shapes or alignments to structure space.

To facilitate the installation of the Avion Pendant on the ceiling, there is an adjustable canopy which can easily rotate around the vertical axis and be fixed in the desired position. The canopy, whose rounded shape reflects that of the lampshade, allows unlimited changes in the direction and inclination of the pendant. 

Materials polypropylene, ABS/PC – white PVC cord – ceiling attachment chrome

Dimensions Ø85 x H34,2 cm – 6m cord and wire

Light source 2 x E27

Weight 4,9 kg

Adjustable canopy (sold separately) Ø35 x 4,5 cm - white lacquered

Avion Pendant
699 €

Adjustable canopy (white lacquered)
234 €


“The motto of the Nautilus was “Mobilis in mobili”, which means “changing within the changes” or “movement within mobility”. This not only describes the way we at ISKOS — BERLIN approach our work, but also the history of the company.”

ISKOS - BERLIN Design is a partnership between Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos, born in 2010 after several years of collaboration. Indeed, in 1987 Boris co-founded Komplot Design where Aleksej was employed as an assistant for over 11 years. This long and fruitful cooperation allowed them to develop a common philosophy of design: it is about telling stories. Each creation has a complex story combining elements as varied as semantics, technology, morphology, materials and functionality. Each object has its own story, some have clear and functional stories and others more surprising and poetic ones.