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Skagerak by Fritz Hansen outdoor   Indoor

SKAGERAK design danois

ALDUS Dining Table

design Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm

The Aldus Table is inspired by the classic trestle table, but with a major counterpoint linked to the care taken in its construction, which makes it a piece of furniture that is both simple and neat, informal and luxurious. The top with rounded edges and the solid oak base bring a touch of sophistication that magnifies the beauty of oak.

Materials solid oak from FSC certified forests

SKAGERAK design danois
SKAGERAK design danois

Aldus Table 160 x 85 x H73 cm
(fits 6 people)
Oiled oak

2249 €

Aldus Table 180 x 85 x H73 cm
(fits 6 people)
Oiled oak

2399 €

Aldus Table 200 x 100 x H73 cm
(fits 8 people)

Oiled oak
2549 €

SKAGERAK design danois

Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm

With a Swedish mother and a Danish father, Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm shows his Nordic roots in his designs through a minimalist approach and strong combinations of materials like wood, leather and wool.

Function is his starting point and dictates the idiom of his beautiful creations. Chris is a curious and investigative woman. And it is in inquiry that she finds her greatest inspiration – an investigation of all possible angles of a design that draws her in and broadens her perspective on the design process.

In addition to this, she is deeply fascinated by traditional Japanese architecture and design which focuses on the primary function of design.