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Scandinavian tableware embodies a perfect fusion of functionality, minimalism and natural elegance, reflecting the Nordic design philosophy that emphasizes simplicity, sustainability and a deep connection with natural elements [read more]


Iittala Tableware


Arabia / Iittala Tableware


Rörstrand / Iittala Tableware


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Normann Copenhagen Tableware

Normann Copenhagen

Muuto Tableware


Scandinavian tableware embodies a perfect fusion of functionality, minimalism and natural elegance, reflecting the Nordic design philosophy that emphasizes simplicity, sustainability and a deep connection with natural elements.

Brands such as Iittala, Arabia, Rörstrand, &Tradition, Design House Stockholm, Ferm Living, Marimekko, Architectmade, Muuto and Normann Copenhagen have played a crucial role in defining and spreading this aesthetic across the world.

Their contribution to the art of the table is not limited to the creation of products; they also shape experiences, inviting us to appreciate the beauty in the simplicity of each moment shared around a table.

Iittala - The Heritage of Finnish Glass

Iittala stands for premium Finnish glass design and continuous innovation. With iconic pieces like the Alvar Aalto collection and Kastehelmi glasses, Iittala has proven that everyday objects can be both functional and artistically significant.

Their approach to tableware is an invitation to create timeless moments, thanks to designs that transcend ephemeral trends.

Arabia - The Beauty of Porcelain

Arabia is a brand that carries with it a rich history of Scandinavian porcelain. Its collections, often adorned with motifs inspired by Nordic nature or Finnish tales, bring warmth and character to the table. Arabia is a celebration of tradition, while remaining anchored in the present through innovation and timeless design.

Rörstrand - Swedish Elegance on the Table

Rörstrand, with its Swedish heritage, is distinguished by an elegance and sophistication that spans the ages. Its collections, like Ostindia, have become design classics, testifying to the brand's ability to combine tradition and modernity. Rörstrand enriches the art of the table with pieces that tell a story, inviting both respect for tradition and the creation of new traditions.

Marimekko - Boldness and Color

Marimekko is famous for its bold patterns and bright colors, bringing a unique energy and joie de vivre to tableware. Their iconic designs, such as Unikko, challenge convention and encourage self-expression, transforming every meal into a celebration of life.

&Tradition - Reinventing the Classic

&Tradition applies a contemporary approach to tableware, reinterpreting classic designs to fit the modern lifestyle. Their commitment to quality and timeless design is manifested in pieces that combine traditional forms and material innovation, inviting a tabletop experience that is both familiar and surprising.

Design House Stockholm - The Spirit of Scandinavian Design

Design House Stockholm crosses the boundaries of conventional tableware design by offering objects that combine functionality and narrative form. Their collections invite an exploration of the Scandinavian imagination, where each piece contributes to creating a welcoming and inspiring environment.

Ferm Living - Modernity and Comfort

Ferm Living focuses on creating spaces that exude modernity and comfort. Their tableware is a celebration of aesthetic simplicity, with clean lines and natural materials that add an organic and warm touch to the table.

Architectmade - The Essence of Danish Design

Architectmade offers a collection of tableware designed by some of Denmark's most iconic architects and designers.

  Their approach focuses on the perfect balance between form and function, creating pieces of minimalist beauty that embody the essence of Danish design.

Muuto - New Perspectives on Scandinavia

Muuto takes its name from the Finnish "muutos", meaning "new perspective". This philosophy is reflected in their tableware, where traditional Scandinavian design is revisited with innovative shapes, colors and textures, bringing a new dimension to the modern table.

Normann Copenhagen - Democratic Design

Normann Copenhagen defends democratic, accessible and aesthetically pleasing design. Their tableware collection reflects this commitment, offering designs that challenge preconceived ideas and enrich the dining experience with a touch of originality and pleasure.


Together, these Scandinavian brands transform tableware into a rich and diverse experience, reflecting the richness of Nordic design.

They invite us to celebrate beauty in simplicity, functionality in innovation, and tradition in modernity.

The art of the Scandinavian table, through these iconic brands, becomes a vector of culture, sharing and personal expression, enriching each meal with meaning and beauty.

On Scandinavia Design, we are proud to present these collections which embody the spirit of Scandinavian design, inviting our visitors to discover and integrate this art of living into their daily lives.