Mon Amie Tableware

Marianne Westman, 1940's

The Mon Amie tableware collection, launched in 1952, was a long-time hit in Scandinavia. When this true Rörstrand classic stopped being sold, a second-hand market developed and prices rose steadily, until Rörstrand decided to update and relaunch it in 2008. 

The Mon Amie collection is based on the sketch of a simple flower, created by Marianne Westman during a rainy summer in the late 1940s, that has become a lasting work of art, blooming in cobalt blue in many homes. 

Materials porcelain – dishwasher safe 

Mon Amie

Serving plate 22 x 28 cm
55 €

Mon Amie

Serving bowl 2,4 l
78 €

Mon Amie

Bowl 60 cl
22 €

Mon Amie

Pitcher 1,2 l
59 €

Mon Amie

Wooden tray
Ø35 cm
51 €

Mon Amie

20 paper napkins
33 x 33 cm
5 €

Marianne Westman

At first, 22-year-old Marianne Westman was reluctant to embark on a design career at Rörstrand. Her dream had always been to have her own ceramic studio in her hometown of Falun. 

But her sketch of a flower - turned into the decoration for Mon Amie, her debut and masterpiece - heralded the shift to the new, brighter everyday life that people aspired to in the 1950s. 

Marianne was often quick to identify new trends and production methods. Her original, light-hearted designs for household items in the 1950s and 1960s earned her a lasting place in Swedish design history.