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Pastoraali Tableware

Esteri Tomula

Esteri Tomula's (1920–1998) signature style of detailed abundance can be seen in the Pastoraali pattern. The pattern is inspired by a pastoral poem: details from pastures, meadows, thickets, birds and flora can be seen there. The beautiful pattern now adorns todays shapes in Arabia’s beloved patterns -series.

Material vitro porcelain (dishwasher safe)

Plate Ø24 cm

Plate Ø19 cm

Plate Ø10,5 cm

Bowl Ø10,5 x H5,8 cm

Pitcher 1 L

Pitcher 0,35 L

Mug 0,3 L

Pack of 2 egg cup 4 cl

Serving platter 27,8 x 16,4 cm

Vase H13 cm

Vase H19 cm

Plant pot Ø12 x H10 cm

Plant pot Ø14 x H12 cm

Esteri Tomula

Esteri Tomula (1920 - 1998) had a long career as a decorator at Arabia, from 1947 to 1984. Her work is characterized by abundance and attention to detail.

Very productive, Tomula drew exceptionally well and created a great deal of handmade ornamentation for Arabia's screen printing and art department.

She also designed shapes for tableware.