Helorinne & Kallio

Finnish design duo Helorinne and Kallio designed the Tuokio tableware collection for the 24h series. 

The pattern was inspired by Arabia's decorative traditions stretching back over 140 years, strong ceramic expertise and an ability to apply knowledge while respecting the old and simultaneously creating something new.

The design of the Tuokio pattern was based on the clear lines of the 24h series designed by Heikki Orvola. The 24h series was named after its purpose: 24h – tableware pieces for every hour of the day. 

The word 'tuokio' ('moment' in Finnish) describes the intensity of time – a special moment where memories are created.  se créent.  

 It feels hand-painted, with a rhythm to the pattern where the brush strokes – the feel of the artist's work – are strongly present. The end result is an interesting and modern pattern that fits well within today's diverse place settings.

Materials porcelain – dishwasher safe 

Tuokio Cobalt

Plate Ø20 cm

23,90 €

Tuokio Cobalt

Plate Ø26 cm

28,90 €

Tuokio Cobalt

Salad plate Ø24 cm

28,90 €