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Essence tableware
Alfredo Häberli, 2001

The Essence collection by internationally renowned designer Alfredo Häberli features a modern, minimal design with an avant-garde character. Each perfectly balanced piece is designed for function, versatility and simplicity.

The Essence collection, initially made up of glasses, has grown with tableware with the same qualities. The set makes up a whole that is both sober and distinct thanks to its touches of color.

Materials porcelain and glass – dishwasher safe

Stemmed glasses

 Set of 2 red wine glass - 45 cl
H23 x Ø6,9 cm

 Set of 2 white wine - 33 cl
H23 x Ø5,9 cm

 Set of 2 sweet wine glass - 15 cl
H19 x Ø5,2 cm

 Set of 2 sparkling wine glass - 21 cl
H23 x Ø8,2 cm

 Set of 2 cocktail glass - 31 cl
H17,8 x Ø9,9 cm

 Set of 2 cocktail glass - 63 cl
H17 x Ø10 cm

 Set of 2 beer glass - 21 cl
H16,1 x Ø7,5 cm


 Set of 2 tumblers - 35 cl
H10 x Ø6,5 cm

 Set of 2 tumblers - 55 cl

 Set of 2 tumblers - 35 cl
H10 x Ø6,5 cm
Dark grey

 Set of 2 tumblers - 35 cl
H10 x Ø6,5 cm
Moss green


Dark grey


plates and bowls

 Bowl 0,83 L
Ø20,5 x H4 cm

Oval plate 25,5 x 18,1 cm

 Plate Ø27 cm

 Jar 0,26 L
H9,45 x Ø8 cm

 Plate Ø21,1 cm

 Dark grey Bowl 37 cl
Ø12 x H4,84 cm

 Dark grey Bowl 69 cl
Ø15,9 x H4,86 cm

Alfredo Häberli

Alfredo Häberli (b.1964) is an internationally renowned Swiss Argentinian product designer, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Alfredo Häberli manages to unite tradition and innovation along with joy and energy in his designs. Much of his work is strongly influenced by his early childhood in Argentina as well as his curiosity and exploration of everyday life.

The results are works with a strong expression and emotionality. Alfredo Häberli collaborates with some of the leading companies in design including Alias, BMW, Luceplan and Schiffini. His work and designs have been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and he has received many awards during his extensive career. In 2014, Alfredo Häberli received the prestigious Swiss Grand Prix of Design from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture. Alfredo Häberli has designed a range of home products for Iittala with his Essence, Origo and Senta series.