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Reindeer skins

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Reindeer skins are by-products of reindeer husbandry. No animals are killed for their skins, and the animals grow up in the Scandinavian Far North, in complete freedom, as part of traditional Saami breeding.

Reindeer skins are widely used in Scandinavia because they are incredibly thick and soft to the touch. Made of warm, hypoallergenic hollow hairs, they can be used by everyone in a wide range of contexts, from a newborn's stroller to an outdoor bench and even a living-room armchair.

Peau de renne

The skins are tanned by the Saami using traditional methods. For long-lasting preservation, we recommend keeping them away from radiators and other sources of drying heat.

All skins are different, lighter or darker. We invite you to indicate your preference in the purchase module below.

Peau de renne

Reindeer skins are approximately 130 x 100 cm (dimensions vary from skin to skin).

We recommend that you do not walk on them.

Peau de renne

Reindeer skin

Peau de renne
Peau de renne
Peau de renne