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danish design 

Since 1978, Menu has harnessed the skills of top designers and crafspeople to create contemporary design that is clean, clever and natural. Today, the Menu collection of furniture, lighting, and accessories features work by contemporary talents, including Aferoom, Nick Ross, Norm Architects, Note Design Studio, Theresa Rand, Søren Rose, Tim Rundle, Danielle Siggerud, Studiopepe, and Jonas Wagell, as well as Scandinavian masters, such as Ib Kofod-Larsen, Bente Hansen, and Grethe Meyer, whose designs have stood the test of time.

Powered by this creative force, Menu has evolved into a globally recognised leader in the design and lifestyle space. 

sofas & daybeds

Tearoom sofa
design Nick Ross, 2018-2019

Septembre sofa
design Theresa Rand, 2017

Tailor sofa
design Rui Alves

Align daybed
design Anita Johansen, 2013

lounge chairs

dining chairs & stools

coffee & side tables

Yeh wall table
design Kenyon Yeh, 2019


Stone table lamp
design Norm Architects, 2018

mirrors & clocks