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Thonet is a major German design furniture company, one of the oldest in the world, world-famous for two things: bentwood chairs and Bauhaus furniture in bent tubular steel.

It was the company's founder, Michael Thonet, who invented the bentwood technique and thus created the first industrial chair in furniture history, the famous bistro chair n°214, in 1859. Mass-produced and delivered unassembled (and therefore much cheaper to ship), the 214 chair was a worldwide success, making Thonet the world's largest furniture manufacturer.

When, in the 1920s, the new generation of Bauhaus architects and designers were looking for a company to manufacture a new type of modern tubular steel furniture, Thonet presented itself as a natural solution. Thus were born the first cantilever chairs in curved metal tube, signed by the great names of the Bauhaus: Mat Stam, Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

World War II destroyed everything. And in 1945, Georg Thonet, the founder's great-grandson, relaunched the company in a garage - in Frankenberg, in northern Hesse, where the current factory, once again prosperous and flourishing, is still located today [read more].

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