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DCW Éditions is a publisher of French design lighting, created by designers past and present. Lamps with a strong personality, well-designed and well-made, for everyday pleasure.


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DCW Éditions, Luminaires Design Français

DCW Éditions was founded in Paris in 2008 by Philippe Cazer and Frédéric Winkler with the aim of re-editing and publishing French design luminaires, past and present. 

The young publishing house quickly made a name for itself in the lighting design world for its careful reissue of the Lampe Gras, the first articulated lamp in the history of lighting, invented in 1921 by Bernard-Albon Gras, and acclaimed in its day by such influential figures as architect Le Corbusier and painters Henri Matisse and Georges Braque. 

DCW Éditions' work to rediscover France's design heritage continued with the reissue of Bernard Schottlander's Mantis lamp-sculptures (1951), inspired by Calder's mobiles, Bertrand Balas' stunning Here Comes the Sun pendant lights (1970), and the forgotten work of French 50s designer Jacques Biny.

This effort to bring the past to life quickly found an audience, both in France and abroad, and DCW Editions lamps soon found their way into the private interiors of design enthusiasts, as well as into numerous European restaurants, bars and hotels. 

This editorial work has continued with the publication of contemporary creations. Over the years, partnerships have been forged between DCW Éditions and the most interesting French designers of the moment. 

One of the first major successes was the creation of the In The Tube collection, designed by world-famous architect Dominique Perrault and his partner Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost. 

Since then, numerous collaborations have enriched an increasingly comprehensive catalog, with such talented designers as French artists Eric de Dormaël, Philippe Nigro, Charles Kalpakian, Patrick Jouin, Clément Cauvet, Jean-Louis Frechin, Grégoire de Lafforest, Studio Brichetziegler and Japanese artist Yuji Okitsu.

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