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Suspension BROCHE Éric de Dormael
Suspension BROCHE Éric de Dormael

French designer Eric de Dormaël is known for his work on the border of artistic installation and professional lighting. With the Broche pendant, available in two sizes, he realized a large size piece for the large architectural volumes, using skillfully the technicality of the LED and the warmth of the brushed brass.

Broche Pendant Éric de Dormael

Broche M – 103 x 133 x H26 cm

Broche L – 150 x 180 x H36 cm

Broche Pendant Éric de Dormael
Broche Pendant Éric de Dormael

Materials brushed natural brass
Broche M L133 x D103 x H26 cm Broche L L180 x D150 x H36 cm

Electrical informations integrated LED 2700K (warm light) 100W (Broche M) or 120W (Broche L). External TRIAC driver supplied. Non dimmable. For a dimmable version: please contact us.
Warranty 2 years

Éric de Dormael

Éric de Dormael

Éric de Dormael is a French sculptor, born in 1951. Trained at the École Supérieure des Arts in St Luc de Tournai, then at the École Supérieure d'Arts Graphiques – Penninghen, he has been drawing and working for nearly 20 years within Ombre Portée.

He designs and produces unique works, made of brass or stainless steel wire, born of an encounter between light and architectural forms. He pushes the research on the luminous effects to its climax: shadows, reflections, patina ... and integrates the light sources into his sculptures in order to transform them into decorative elements. His interlacings, structured or random, play with form and counter-form to create shapes and shadows marked with great delicacy.

The drawing holds a primordial place in his work and is at the origin of each creation. Each idea is first worked in pencil, both for Ombre Portée and for his personal work. His work also feeds on a multitude of influences born from the observation of architecture, nature and atmospheric effects.

He strives to create images, impressions, sensations of light, and to create, from these games of light, poetic objects characterized by their lightness, fluidity of form and transparency.