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Yasuke Lamp
BrichetZiegler, 2021

Yasuke, also called Kuro-san (kuro meaning black), was an African slave who lived in Japan in the 16th century. His story has reached us through the memories of Oda Nobunaga, legendary warrior of the Sengoku period, who praised his courage and told that Yasuke ended his life as a samurai after many battles.

Yasuke, who has become a popular figure in Japanese popular culture, thus completes his Odyssey in the form of a lamp – a beautiful lamp, fortunately, resembling a technological samurai.

Made of steel and aluminum, the Yasuke lamp houses two dimmers that adjust the intensity, but also the colour of the light emitted by the LED integrated. 

The Yasuke lamp has two rotating dimmer,
one for light intensity, the other for light colour

Light source LED 2700-3400 K – 1300 lm

Dimmer two rotating dimmer on the lamp, one for light intensity, the other for light colour

Dimensions 39,5 x 29,1 x H44,3 cm – weight 7,5 kg – cable 1.9 m

Yasuke Lamp