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FOCUS Chandeliers X3 & X5

design Yuji Okitsu, 2022

The FOCUS chandelier is both a lamp and a mobile: Fresnel lenses that concentrate and refract light from LED rings, suspended in balance from a light white or black aluminum structure. Immobile in a calm environment, the Focus chandelier gently comes to life when the air circulates in the room.

Fresnel lenses are plano-convex discs cut out of concentric annular sections which make it possible to obtain a short focal length for a much lower weight than a conventional lens. Invented in 1822, they are used in particular for car headlights. Focus chandelier lenses are made in Japan from PMMA.

The Focus chandelier is available in two versions – Focus X3 with three lenses and Focus X5 with five lenses – and two colors, black and white.

Focus X3 LED integrated 20,4W – 2700K – not dimmable – 2040lm – driver 1000mA / 24V (137x50x15,5mm) – Weight 3,3kg – cord 3m

Focus X5 LED integrated 31,8W – 2700K – not dimmable – 3180lm – driver 1500mA / 24V (170x57x18mm) – Weight 4,2kg – cord 3m

Focus X3 Black
2195 €

Focus X3 White
2195 €

Focus X5 Black
3475 €

Focus X5 White
3475 €

Yuji Okitsu