design Dominique Perrault et Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost

The French architects Dominique Perrault and Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost have been inspired by the industrial tube lamps in the French nuclear power stations. They have designed the In The Tube lamps, a more civilized and decorative version, which provides an excellent glare-free illumination, suitable for private and professional spaces. The technical, mysterious and almost lyrical aspect of the original tube lamps has been preserved, creating a lamp series with a strong personality.

Made in borosilicate glass and closed with aluminium stoppers – black or transparent – sealed in silicon, and with its stainless steel mountings, In The Tube can be used outdoor as well as indoor, as a suspension, on a wall or ceiling‐mount. In The Tube diffuses a soft orientable light whose color is determined by its materials. Three finishes are available: silver, copper and gold.

Tube borosilicate glass Waterproof stopper silicon and aluminium cast Adjustable collar stainless steel Detachable mesh brass or steel Reflector aluminium and stainless steel Fastenings stainless steel Wire black rubber, 3 m

Class IP 64 (suitable for outdoor and bathroom use), IK07 (Resistant to mechanical shocks of 2J, corresponding to an object of 500g falling of 40cm). Bulbs not included. The suspension kit is optional.

Use it as a pendant …

as a wall lamp …

as a table lamp …

indoor …

outdoor …

or in your bathroom.

In The Tube 100-350
Dimensions Ø12 x 37 cm

Light source 2 x E14
from 540 €

In The Tube 100-500
Dimensions Ø12 x 52 cm

Light source 2 x E14
from 672 €

In The Tube 120-700
Dimensions Ø14 x 72 cm

Light source 4 x E27
from 960 €

In The Tube 120-1300
Dimensions Ø14 x 132 cm

Light source 6 x E27
from 1500 €

Reflectors – Stoppers – Meshes

The reflectors enable to reflect the light scattered by the bulb in order to exploit its full light power. They are available in 3 finishes – silver, gold and copper –, and each one gives a particular colour to the light, from the warmest (gold) to the coolest (silver).

silver reflector

copper reflector

gold reflector

Stoppers are available in black and transparent.

black stopper

transparent stopper

Meshes are optional. They ensure the diffusion of a non-glary and soft light.
Their colour – silver or gold – affects the heat of the light emitted.

gold mesh

silver mesh

Accessories – Optional

The ornemental plate can be used to aesthetically hide the wiring (optional). For an indoor use only.

Ornemental plate
25 €

The sealing / connection box is an essential accessory for an outdoor or bathroom use of the light (protection against moisture). It can aslo be used indoor to hide the wiring (optional).

Sealing / Connection box
63 €

The slanted collars kit contains 2 new collars that fit on the lamp tube. It is available in 2 versions – one is compatible with the In The Tube 100-350 and 100-500 lamps, and the other with the In The Tube 120-700 and 120-1300.

Slanted collars
72 €

The angle collars kit contains 2 new collars that fit on the lamp tube. It is available in 2 versions: one is compatible with the In The Tube 100-350 and 100-500 lamps, and the other with the In The Tube 120-700 and 120-1300.

Angle collars
72 €

Dominique Perrault & Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost

In 2008, Dominique Perrault described himself in eleven words : School. Rupture. Defiance. Void. Wall. Earth. Land art. Site. Place. Happiness. And finally, Mesh, a supple material that has structure but whose very essence is to be present and yet be invisible. It is a material that is both rigorous and poetic, virtual yet present and which the architect has used in the past as a way of delineating a geographic area, either as a protection or a way of welcoming, as well as a way of channelling natural or artificial light. This is the same mesh that Dominique Perrault and Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost have adapted, manipulated, contorted and transplanted into the inner workings of their lamps to create the thousands of exceptional and powerful lighting solutions that light up the French National Library, day and night.

Not one who is prone to brandishing himself in the media, his conceptual hedonism comes allied with an infectious enthusiasm and a healthy dose of fun. Dominique Perrault’s signature is barely seen on products. It is something of an event therefore when he uses it, along with that of Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost, on the IN THE TUBE and IN THE SUN collections. It is, in its way, a way of domesticating and refining the raw power of the industrial, of filtering the source into something considered and thought-out, resulting in an object that is comfortable, soft and sophisticated.

« This transfer of universes is nothing new. The domestic interior is these days constantly being penetrated by the industrial, which in turn has long since lost its aura of being something nasty and noisy, separate to the rest of the world. Nowadays it is normal to make use of these components which fit naturally into the world of design ».