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NL12 pendant
Sebastian Numma, 2022

The NL12 suspension was designed to light up long tables or counters, cleverly playing on an industrial trompe l'oeil aesthetic: made up of twelve borosilicate glass tubes hiding a luminous central tube, the others acting as a diffuser.

Another singularity of the NL12 suspension: no electric wire, no visible LED, no visible structure, mobile tubes that everyone can arrange as they wish.

Dimensions L 130 x 10,4 cm
Materials aluminium - glass - acrylic

Light source integrated LED – 4800 lm – 2700 K – cable lenght 4,5 m


Sebastian Summa

Sebastian was born in Bavaria. He studied design at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam. He lives in Berlin.

It's hard to meet Sebastian in the design world. He works in his studio in East Berlin. He is a man of the field. He started his career as a blacksmith, and served his apprenticeship in a metal factory before going to university. Scrap metal, metal and steel were his daily life. His workshop is out of time, his work is his clock.

It's amazing to see in a raw atmosphere, a sensitive man working on delicate objects. Inspired by science fiction and astronomy, he created his lamp like a shooting star.

It's called ORG. Elegant and surprisingly classic, Sebastian's lamp goes from raw spaces to sophisticated universes.