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By Lassen
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By Lassen is a Danish company that produces furniture, lighting and accessories by the brothers Mogens (1901 - 1987) and Flemming (1902 - 1984) Lassen, two major figures in Danish modernism, a movement that began in the 1930s and put the small Scandinavian kingdom at the centre of the world design map. 

The Lassen brothers attended the same boarding school as Arne Jacobsen, with whom they developed a strong friendship. Their relationship continued into adulthood and Flemming Lassen and Arne Jacobsen worked together several times as colleagues. In 1929, a competition was held for the design of the "House of the Future" and Arne Jacobsen and the Flemming brothers together presented their entry: the now famous circular house with a helicopter landing pad on the roof and flat screen TVs on the walls. Their project won first prize in the competition and the "House of the Future" brought them international recognition.

The Lassen brothers each had their own style: very organic for Flemming, very geometric for Mogens. Each had his own studio. Their common goal was to become renowned architects, but their paths were very different.