Dutch Design Furniture, Lighting & Rugs

Moooi is a Dutch brand founded in 2001 by designers Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers. Their credo is to give free rein to the imagination of their collaborators and to ensure the feasibility of their projects. For example, they have developed a technology to power LEDs through the internal structure of a lamp, thus removing any visible electrical cable: the electro-sandwich. And it is this technology that gave birth to the collection Heracleum, imagined by Bertjan Pot between 2010 and 2014. 

The style of Moooi is a mix of modernity and tradition, with the desire to create unique, timeless, daring and – of course – beautiful collections. This is by the bye the meaning of the brand's name: moooi comes from the Dutch word mooi meaning beautiful. Wanders and Vissers have added an extra "o", for even more beauty. It also represents the effect created at the sight of their designs: the "oh" of wonder.

Moooi Lighting

moooi pendants

Perch Light Pendant
Umut Yamac, 2016

moooi wall lamps

moooi table lamps

Lolita Table lamp
Nika Zupanc, 2008

moooi floor lamps

Moooi Furniture

moooi tables

Obon Side & Coffee table
Simone Bonanni, 2018

moooi chairs

Love Chair
Marcel Wanders, 2014

moooi sofas & lounge chairs

Nest Sofa
Marcel Wanders, 2013

Moooi Rugs

Magic Marker rugs
Bertjan Pot, 2018-2019

Malmaison rugs
Christian Lacroix Maison, 2018-2019

Tangle – Yarn Box rugs
Claire Vos, 2018-2019

Polar Byzantine rugs
Klaus Haapaniemi, 2018-2019

Walking on Clouds rugs
Front, 2019

Scribble rugs
Front, 2019

Menagerie of Extinct Animals rugs
moooi, 2019