The Flock of Light pendant lamp mimics the phenomenon of swarms of glowing fireflies found in nature. Studio Toer's first creation for Moooi, the lamp captures their movement of bright, warm and poetic glow at dusk. 

Studio Toer is known for their interactive light installations and Flock of Light is a transcription of one of their art installations. The suspension is available in three sizes, 11, 21 and 31, the number corresponding to the
number of light sources.

Material bronze wire, brass cups with semi-transparent polycarbonate diffusers

Light source 11, 21 ou 31 LED bulbs 2500K

Technical sheet

Flock of Light v11
80 x 65 x H65 cm
13 LED, total 13W, 1240 lumen

659 €

Flock of Light v21
135 x 85 x H80 cm
21 LED, total 23W, 2308 lumen

1325 €

Flock of Light v31
180 x 100 x H80 cm
31 LED, total 24W, 2582 lumen

1669 €

Meet Studio Toer

Studio Toer is a Dutch multidisciplinary design collective with a strong exploratory and experimental approach. 

Founded in 2011 by Castor Bours (1984) and Wouter Widdershoven (1986); their work pushes both the technical and aesthetic boundaries of design in the world of applied arts. 

They create innovative light objects & installations and interactive experiences. Evolving elements and a suggestion of movement are omnipresent in all their projects.

Studio Toer has received worldwide attention for its interactive installations: Cumulus, a self-contained parasol that inflates into a cloud shape using solar energy.

Fiet, a kinetic light sculpture that reacts to changes in its environment. And Shaped By Time, a clock that forms itself over time. 

Studio Toer's projects have been presented at countless international festivals and can be seen around the world.