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Mogens Kosh Bookcase Modular System B98 Mogens Kosh, 1944
Table Shaker C64 FDB Møbler  Børge Mogensen, 1950

When FDB Møbler's creative studio was founded in  1942, it was an act of rebellion against the status quo. The goal was to design beautiful, functional furniture not just for the wealthy, but for the common man. The designs railed against the heavy, unconfortable furniture of the day by paying tribute to and making room for everyday living – and all life has to offer.

Each of the architects and furniture designers who have been involved with FDB Møbler's production has a unique story. With Børge Mogensen at its studio head in the 40’s, FDB Møbler became known internationally as a frontrunner of Danish design.

FDB Møbler philosophy is based on four main principles: the human standard, longevity, responsibility and accessibility. Its designers put the emphasis on aesthetic merit coupled with craftsmanship which makes great design withstand the test of time. Being able to offer timeless design at accessible prices is at the core of the brand, a mantra that translates well in FDB Møbler’s choices in terms of designers and furniture.

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