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Floor Lamp


 Design Rick Tegelaar

The Filigree floor lamp was created by the young designer Rick Tegelaar. Tegelaar was working with a manufacturer who introduced him to Casper Vissers, co-founder of moooi. The latter just loved the lamp, and this is how the Filigree floor lamp integrated the catalog of the famous Dutch brand in 2016. The collaboration between moooi and Rick Tegelaar began.

Filigree represents, in the world of goldsmithing, an openwork piece of jewelry. It is also, in the stationery world, a pattern made with wire threads that we can see by holding a sheet of paper against the light. The Filigree floor lamp incorporates these two principles. A large rose is made using thick aluminum wires. This floral-shaped structure, reminiscent of a water lily, has a powerful LED at its center and supports a large stretched sheet of translucent polypropylene. This sheet receives the light emitted by the LED and serves as a diffuser, thus ensuring a soft and warm lighting.

The Filigree floor lamp suits all types of interiors and allows lighting in multiple ways: to a wall or ceiling for mood lighting or to a particular place to highlight it. With brass knobs, delicately adorned with a rose, it is possible to adjust the height of his stem and the inclination of his head. Its transparent electric cable has a dimmable switch whose brass button has the same floral pattern.

Everything is thought in detail to give an elegant lamp, with remarkable finishes.

Dimensions W80 x D65 x H160-240cm. 3m transparent cable (switch to the lamp: 1.5m)

Materials translucent polypropylene, brass, stainless steel, aluminium

Light source solid state LED, 2700K (warm light), 3346 lumen. Flat power supply with integrated dimmer.

Filigree floor lamp

Rick Tegelaar

"Where we are able to merge engineering with elegance, there will arise a pure form of aesthetics."

Rick Tegelaar (Rotterdam, 1986) graduated with honours from the ArtEZ Arnhem product design department in 2011. Since then he works independently from his studio and workshop in Arnhem.

As a material-oriented designer, Rick’s work is characterized by the use of very uncommon materials, finding new beautifully shaped forms with an innovative approach.

Rick is interested in machinery and mechanical processes since childhood. This fascination for engineering, combined with his delicate sense of esthetics, are reflected in his designs, which shed a new light on undervalued materials and existing techniques.

“I’ve always gotten a lot of satisfaction out of the processes of making something. When I was a kid I was always playing with technical Lego. Even now, I sometimes use Lego for making a scale model. I’m a designer who combines thinking and doing for developing new designs.”